Inspiring People For Music

Who Inspires You?

Have you ever had a talent that you love so much,but you couldn't be where you are now without the inspiration of people around you? Well,many people that I admire inspire me in my flute playing. Without their help,I would not be as good as I am now.

Mozart the Marvelous

Wolfgang Amedaus Mozart 's music is so beautiful,whenever I listen to his music I feel like I am trapped in a world where music is the heart and soul of everything. The main reason why Mozart is such an inspiration to me is because he stated playing music at the age of 6. This has made me set a goal for myself for trying to become a famous flute player at such a young age.

Friends Inspire Me,Too

Not only do famous people inspire me,but all of my closest freinds do. They support me when it comes to my music. They encouage me to keep playing and work my hardest. They never once have doubted me and tell me nothing can stop me if I believe in myself.

Beethoven the Great

Ludwig Van Beethoven is a big inspiration to me. He was actually a deaf musician! He played music by feeling the vibrations in the air. This has inspired me by saying no matter what,you can still strive to be the best at anything you set your mind to. Beethoven,a great genius,will be studied forever.

My Inspiring Parents

My parents are the best parents that a kid could ever ask for. They never give up on me no matter what my interest are. My dad tells me to practice everyday so I can improve my skills and be the best I can be. My mom supports me with everything to do with band and she says that I have a true talent.

The Best Band Directors Ever!

My Middle School Band Directors are the ones who first introduced me to real music playing. Without them, I wouldn't even be able to play the flute. They always have truley believed in me and never said that I couldn't play any piece of music. The first year I started I was in Beginning Band, but they thought I was good enough to be in Symphonic Band the next year instead of Concert Band. They also know when my skills have improved and it makes me feel good that they notice how hard I practice. They say the more I practice, the better I can be. They are the whole reason why I love to play music.

The Most Inspiring People

So the next time you think about the fun sports and activities you are truley good at, remember the people who have inspired you and pushed you to be the best. They are the ones who may have made you set for goals for yourself. They could have inspired you to make a great life doing what you love.