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McNeil Majestics Booster Club Newsletter - February 2017

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From the Director:

Majestic Families,

Happy February! We are officially entering the busiest part of our year. February and March are going to be a whirlwind and we appreciate you all being along for the ride. We have fundraisers, Westwood Dance Classic, Lone Star, Illusions, and our Nationals trip all in the next few weeks. This has been an organizational challenge but with your help we are going to make it all happen and it's going to be AWESOME!

Please make sure you are reading the weekly updates I send out on Mondays. They are full of important events, due dates, schedules, fliers, etc, and can be very helpful when organizing everything going on.

Thank you all for your continuous time and support. We cant wait to see a lot of you over the next few weeks!


Brooke Solomon


Illusions Digital Ads

This year we will be doing digital ads! This reel will be running in the lobby starting 1 hour before the show opens, and in the main auditorium before the show begins as well as during Intermission.

Pricing: Majestics and Newbies-​You may purchase as many slides as you like but each Majestic and Newbie must ​purchase at least $100.00 in slides. There will be three types of Ads:

1. Personal Ad for an individual dancer (s)

2. Business Ad

3. “Shout Outs”

Your $100.00 can come from Personal Ads, Business Ads, or a combo of those with shout outs


Personal Ad pricing: $40.00 per Slide. Ask parents, grandparents, extended family... Business Ad pricing: $50.00. You can pay an additional $25.00 each to have it placed in the reel multiple times so that it shows more often. Ask community businesses. Shoutouts to your teammates/friends/dancers: one to two lines (no pictures): $5.00 each

Directions​: How do I create my Personal Ad slide? Please create your slide using Google Slides only.​ You do not have to have a Google account to use Google slides. You may want to include pictures, text, or a combination of both.

You will “share” OR email the link to your slides to​ . We will be using your slide exactly as you format it when it’s submitted.

1. Please turn your payment into the directors no later than Feb 21, 2017 (checks payable to "McNeil Majestics Booster Club")

2. Submit your ad via email to: ​​ ​no later than Feb 21st

Senior Spotlight: Jenny Dooley

Birthday: November 15th
Favorite Majestic Memory: singing on the bus all the way to Disneyland
Favorite movie: Mama Mia
Favorite food: ribeye steak
Hobbies: dance, horseback riding, baking
When I was little, I wanted to... Adopt a ton of animals from all the shelters.
If you could travel anywhere, where would it be? Australia
Three favorite things that make you happy: Dance, Playing guitar with my mom, Decorating cake

Happy Birthday!


Katie S. - February 12

Maria - February 13

Emma - February 23

Anna - February 29

Upcoming Events:

February 6: Kendra Scott Event

February 7: Academy Night

February 11: Westwood Competition

February 13: Illusions photos after school

February 13: Booster Club Meeting 6:30pm L100

February 17: Lonestar Setup

February 18: Lonestar


February 25: Spring Dance Clinic 8:30am - 12:00pm, Illusions Dress Rehearsal 1:00 - 5:00pm

March 1: Illusions rehearsal after school

March 2: Illusions rehearsal and "sneak peek"

March 3 & 4: Illusions

McNeil Majestics Board

Director: Brooke Solomon

Assistant Director: Alexandra Starnes

President: David Crow

Co- Vice Presidents: Connie Ojeda, Stacey Bean

Treasurer: Alex Chan

Co-Historians: Heather Solis, David Maynard
Co-Corresponding Secretaries: Anne Lippert and Elise Fretwell

Co-recording Secretaries: J. Lee Haney and Renee Mynier

Webmaster: Jenny Crow

Parliamentarian: David Schneider