Room 406

Mrs. Hall's 3rd Grade 2015-2016

Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have a wonderfully relaxing weekend! It's hard to believe the calendar says May...and that June is next...this year is going by tooooo fast!

Don't forget to check out the Shutterfly site! It's so cool to see your kids in action! (link above)

Leader in Me

For the month of May we will focus on Habit #7, Sharpen the Saw. We are pretty excited about this habit!


Our work in Close Reading continues! This week we watched a video called "Partly Cloudy" and read a short story called "Just a Tyke". We watched and read both 3 times. The first time we watch/read to get the gist. The second time we look for feelings and emotions. The third time we look for a deeper meaning or life lesson. We are really getting the hang of it!


Our research continues...we began asking questions and trying to narrow the focus of our projects this week. We used to safely search for the answers to our questions. We are doing such a great job! The TV crew was here to film us on Tuesday. :) They are making a bond proposal video for the district and wanted video of kids using worked out great! It was something I'm pretty sure we'll never forget! Lol

Science & Social Studies

We continued our Force and Motion work this week! We tested our crash and bash car sets to see what happens when we add mass to our cars. We were excited to see they were able to bash MUCH better! This got us that why mom and dad can go so much farther down the sledding hill? :) Next week we will continue our work with force and motion.


This week we played a fun game...Would you rather? We all know the game, but we just put a fractions spin on it. We tried to come up with questions like: "Would you rather have 2/6 of a pizza or 1/8?" They used their fraction strips to help them, but by the end, they were really good at picturing the fractions in their heads! We also started talking about equivalent fractions. This is a TOUGH concept for 3rd graders...but we will get there!

Next week we will focus on putting fractions on a number line.

How to help at home:

  • TALK TALK TALK about fractions. Say "It's half past 5!" "We are half-way there!" "You can eat 1/4 of the pizza." "How many quarters are there in a dollar?" etc.
  • Invite your child to help you with a recipe! Look closely at the measuring cups and spoons.
  • Point out places we might see fractions in our daily lives.

Upcoming Dates

May 18: Delayed Start

May 27, 30: No School!