Baruch aKDPhi - November Newsletter

Love & Friendship

It's finally the last month of 2014, and we would like to say goodbye to our fulfilling month of November and say hello to December!

We started the month of November with a sisterhood road trip to Boston!

One of the most treasured memories we have as an aKDPhi are the road trips, and this one was no different! It was so great to meet our lovely Boston sisters, and thank you so much for your warm hospitality! This is definitely a road trip to remember. We love you, Boston!
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Next up, NESR!

Thank you to our sisters from Stony Brook University, for hosting such a successful NESR! We had an amazing time listening to the inspirational speakers, as well as interacting in all the sisterhood activities. Also, It was awesome seeing the stroll competitions! Everybody's practices paid off and the stage was on fire!!
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Our next event was the DIY Lip Scrub!

We made our very own organic lip scrub with different base ingredients and various flavorings, such as coconut oil and honey. The event was a great success, and all our lips were silky smooth and popping afterwards *\(^_^)/*
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We also explored diversity in our cultural event!

We had the honor to participate in the Santander Bank Global Awareness Competition, where our goal was to celebrate and promote the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. In the event, we learned and promoted four different countries: China, Jamaica, United Kingdom, and Mexico! Four different stations were set up, pertaining to each country, and specific game activities with it.

  • China - Chinese Jumprope
  • Jamaica - Spit Card Game
  • United Kingdom - Guess what tea it is
  • Mexico - Hacky Sacks

It was a complete success, and we landed 4th place in the Santander's Global Awareness Award!! Yay ^_^

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And of course, November is not complete without a Thanksgiving Potluck!!

It is always great to see our beautiful alumnae come out and support our events, especially under the cozy thanksgiving spirit! The potluck was definitely delicious, and filling. Some of us even stayed behind after the potluck, and played Cards Against Humanity.
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Last but not least, we ended the month of November with a bake sale!

Who doesn't enjoy a homemade treat once in a while? Sisters made a variety delicious baked goods, such as green tea cupcakes, chocolate covered pretzels, dunked Oreos, brownie cakes, and so much more. Thank you to the Baruch community for always supporting our bake sales! Good thing there's always room for dessert!
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To end the month of November, we would like to Introduce our Sister of the Month, Vida *Maui* Feng

You've always contributed so much for the chapter, and we are honestly so proud and so glad to be able to call you as one of our own. You are never shy to lend a helping hand or just a friendly smile to brighten up our day. Your work ethnic have shown great responsibility, and we are so excited to see you as the future of our chapter, because we know we are in good hands! Thank you and congratulations ^_^ VIVA LA VIDA!
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And also our November's Active of the Month, Winnie *MERCY* Zhang!

Congratulations to our cute and hardworking neo! It's only been your first semester as an active of our chapter, but you've already won October's Sister of the Month and this month's Active of the Month! You've shown so much love and dedication, and we are so proud of you. Never forget how much we appreciate your hard work. We love you:')

Dont forget our lovely November babies!

  • Fang Fang "Like A G6" Nan
  • Melissa "Meringue" Chen
  • Connie "Nemesis" Tam
  • Sweenly "Avengelyne" Liu

Hope you gals had an amazing birthday, because you surely deserve it!