Monday Memo

April 4, 2016

This week:

We have one week to breathe before testing begins again! The few makeups that we have will be completed by Thursday, and all boxes will be packed up and ready to go Friday! Computer based tests start on Monday, April 11. All of 5th and 6th grades will be testing. An adjusted lunch schedule will be sent out. Specials will not need to change next week.

The week you have computer based testing you will work out a student share with your partner teacher. All AM testers will need a PM home and vice versa. When ELA teachers are testing, they will go to math/science teachers. Students that are testing during specials will miss specials at that time. I will flip the testing schedule for 5th grade so the same students don't end up missing specials for both tests.

Please make sure you are comfortable with the online tests and how to access everything. If you have any questions ask Cortney or I before the morning of testing. If we don't know we will find out for you.

Please check the schedule sent out by the guidance counselors for report card reviews. Please bring everything requested with you to the meeting so that it will run smoothly.

I'm still learning how to use Twitter, but if you'd like to follow me, @MrsBarone_AP. Any tips you can send my way would be great! I need a crash course ASAP! :)

Important Dates:

April 11-14 Testing

11-12 CBT 5th grade ELA

13 3rd grade SAT

13-14 5th grade SSA (science)

April 18-21 Testing

18/19 CBT 4th grade ELA

20/21CBT 5th grade math

April 15 Wear purple day

April 18 Report cards home

April 25 Transfer period begins

April 28 Conference Night

April 29 5th grade More Health

May 4 Field trip - 4th grade to Staz Center

May 6 Battle of the books test