Library Media Monthly Report

October 2013

Library Media Center Staff

Administrative Media Specialist - Melissa House

Itinerant Media Specialist - Substitute Domenica Simpson

Media Technician - Cindy Stiemly


Classes Scheduled in the Media Center: 142

Lessons, direct instruction or support by LMS:

Melissa: 61

Itinerant Substitute: 81

Individual Students: 214

Amount of periods the Media Center was closed and why: 0

Monthly Circulation Stats:

Loans: 4753

Renewals: 302
Holds: 297

Administrative Duties

  • Wrote and distributed the fourth Library Connection newsletter.

  • Purchases of BES picture books and chapter books, video camera, seasonal books to connect to science and math, book processing supplies, and supporting teacher requests.

  • BES Book Club - Had multiple meetings with Donna Kasnic, GT teacher, on BES book book. The club has been quite a success so far with around 40 participants in fourth and fifth grade. There have been two meetings where students have shared their thoughts on the books. Donna and I discussed that if the club continues to be as successful as it is once we get past the first long book, the fourth and fifth grade will be split into two groups.

  • Birthday Book Club - Continues to be a success with an additional $198 in funds donated to the school library.

  • Fall Book Fair - Met with and planned with PTA president, Mrs. Muggli on how the library can assist the school's efforts during the book fair. Book fair was held October 7th - 11th, with students making their purchases during library time. I was also the primary communication between the PTA president and teachers.

  • Attended SIT meeting on budget survey.

  • Met with Ellen Scroggins, counselor, to discuss a collaboration. It was decided that fifth grade will be researching careers this year for their research project to promote college and career readiness. Students will be working on a career blog, as well as producing a final product to be shared with the younger grades on Career Day in April.

  • Met with Krissy Venzen and Sarah Breidenbaugh, first grade teachers, to discuss a collaboration for the "How a book is made" unit. I approached them to see what units they were working on currently, and we decided that their five senses unit would be a great unit to collaborate on. Students will be creating a class book that connects back to this unit. It was also discussed that I will be a part of the teaching and learning of this unit in the classrooms.

  • Magazine order was completed using teacher survey responses and the requests of students.

  • Met with Capstone representative to find out what new materials could be added to the collection with a science focus.

  • Began weeding the 900's. Set up a meeting with Betsy Forth, lead processing technician, to discuss our collection and weeding.

  • Read School Library Journal and Instructor Magazine.

  • Completed and turned in P-Card report for review.

  • Met with mentor teacher Deb Geppi each week to discuss lesson plans, assessments, and requested an observation on a Kindergarten lesson to obtain feedback.

Technician Duties

  • Processed materials.

  • Completed project to note running time on all videos in collection.

  • The library is now housing the school's Activotes. Activotes were checked and processed.

  • Updated the library "Catch of the Day" display each week with a new topic.

  • Began weeding the 800's.

  • On A weeks, picks up first grade class from specials and dissmisses them from school to provide coverage for classroom teacher.

  • Updated seasonal displays.

Lessons Taught


  • Title = Name
  • Author = Writer
  • Illustrator = Pictures

First Grade

  • ABC order
  • Everybody vs. Nonfiction, Unit Assessment
  • How a Book is Made, Week 1
  • How a Book is Made, Week 2

Second Grade

  • Intro Nonfiction Section, ABC order, Unit Assessment
  • Nonfiction Text Features, Week 1
  • Nonfiction Text Features, Week 2
  • Table of Contents

Third Grade

  • Dewey Decimal System, Week 1 - Intro
  • Dewey Decimal System, Week 2 - Book catagorization
  • Dewey Decimal System, Week 3 - Scavenger Hunt
  • Dewey Decimal System, Week 4 - Scavenger Hunt

Fourth Grade

  • Mystery Week 3 - The Case of the Missing Dough
  • Mystery Week 4 - The Real Life Unexplained Mystery of the Mary Celeste, Week 1
  • Mystery Week 5 - The Real Life Unexplained Mystery of the Mary Celeste, Week 2

Fifth Grade

  • Native American Tales, Week 3
  • Native American Tales, Week 4
  • AMMO Assessment

Student Work

I have been working on updating all lessons and assessments to increase rigor. One way I am doing this is to have students explain their thinking. Below are three examples from third, second, and first grade.

Library Connection Newsletter

The fourth installment in the library connection newsletter was sent out to teachers, highlighting new purchases and ways they can incorporate seasonal literature into their science, math, and vocabulary lessons.