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October 8, 2020

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Parent Survey

Do you plan to send your child back to school for in-person learning on Monday, November 2?

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Thursday, October 7, 2020

Dear Leyden Parents/Guardians:

Last week, you received a message from Superintendent, Dr. Nick Polyak, informing you of Leyden’s plan to reopen schools. If you did not get a chance to see it, you can view it HERE. Our Roadmap to Reopening plan includes a multiple-phase approach to welcoming students back to in-school instruction. The students’ physical return to their respective schools will occur with the safety and wellness of the school community as a priority. We are extremely excited to welcome students back into the buildings!

In order to plan for students’ return to in-person learning, we need to know which students will return. After reviewing Leyden’s Roadmap to Reopening plan and the information below, please indicate, on this Google Form, whether or not you plan to send your child back to school for in-person learning on Monday, November 2. Students who opt out of in-person learning will continue with remote learning, which will include asynchronous and synchronous activities. We will consider your survey response a commitment for the entirety of Quarter 2 (October 20 - December 22). As we continue to assess the situation around COVID-19 and monitor health metrics, we will share with you a learning plan for Quarter 3.

*Please complete the Google Form survey no later than Monday, October 12th.

In-Person and Remote Learning Overview

  • Student attendance for all students will be recorded for those in-person and those connecting live remotely.

  • After the first 15 minutes, teachers will use one of the following models:

    • In person learning/Schoology Work at home. In person instruction will focus on hands-on experiences while students at home will work on assignments asynchronously in Schoology. For students who are assigned to be in person, but choose remote, they will participate in a virtual experience, watch a demonstration of the experience, or be excused from the experience based on the discretion of the teacher.

    • Live class for all - Students who are remote will participate along with students in person using Google Meet or Zoom. Additional work in Schoology will be assigned for all students in addition to the live class.

    • Flipped Learning Model - In person instruction is focused on reteaching or hands-on experiences. Students at home access videos, readings etc to learn content before coming to in-person instruction.

  • All students must meet course expectations and grades count for all students.

Thank you for completing the survey to help us better prepare for the return to school and hybrid learning.


Leyden High Schools District 212

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