Morton Christmas Letter 2013

Let us tell you a little about our year...

A Bit of Traveling:

Last March, we actually had aligned Spring Breaks! We took advantage of it and traveled to Ft. Bragg in North Carolina to visit Alex. We loved visiting Alex, as well as visiting other friends along the way! (Paul Bro & family, and Jenn Schott)

This summer, we traveled to Olympic National Park in Washington and visit Greg’s family in Oregon. We had fun travels with Nancy & Ty, and we were also able to make our favorite trip to the Oregon coast with Greg’s mom, Joyce. Good to see lots of family that we don’t see nearly enough! Stephen was also able to join us on this trip.

We also enjoyed lots of short camping trips this summer and fall. We love our camping!

Our family updates

Greg & Wendy

Life keeps chugging along for us! We are both busy balancing our teaching and concerts, and lots of family activities! Wendy continues to be involved in church activities. Greg solo'd with the CR Municipal Band this summer!

Nathan (almost 11!)

Nathan is in middle school now, and he’s loving it! He just finished Lego League, and he’s also involved in Math Olympics and Future Scientists & Engineers of America after school. He continues with piano, and he’s now playing French horn in band! He’s a busy kid and manages his time really well!

Katie (8 yrs old)

Katie is a big third grader, with all the drama to go with it! She’s totally into gymnastics this fall. We’ve enjoyed Brownies together, with Mom as an assistant leader. She also continues with piano lessons. Both kids will be starting back with basketball in January.

Stephen & Alex

Steve is in his final year at Iowa State! He’ll be graduating with a degree in Computer Science. This next year will be a time of lots of changes for him as he seeks full-time employment. Alex finished his time in the Army, but he continues to serve in the Reserves in Texas.

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