Energy Savings Project

By: Cade Carr


energy is a way to get power into your house, buildings, schools and ect. Energy is great in some way because some energy is bad and some is good but most of it is bad like fossil fuel is bad because it pollutes and hurts the environment. A good energy choice is solar because it does not hurt the environment.

Energy ideas for homes, community and school


A house is a great place to put solar panels on because a roof is a great place to put any object to because no one hardly ever sees it. Also it causes no pollution and does not hurt the earth


A community is a great place to have geothermal because it does not take up much room and a community is a big place with lots of people but a big object in the middle of a community still would not give a good rep or it would not look good. Also does not pollute or harm the earth.


A school is a great place to have hydropower energy because is a great way to get power to a school and it does on pollute or harm the earth, But even know it takes up space you can put it on the side of the school or out where now one will see it.