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Mrs. Donnay's 3rd Grade Classroom Newsletter 12-6-15

Mark Your Calendar

Dec 8 - Book Order Due

Dec. 10 - Koo Koo Kanga Roo and Marathon Celebration Day!

Jan. 22 - Ugly Holiday Sweater Day OR Non-Uniform Day

Dec. 23 - Jan. 1 No School

Jan. 21 - End of Quarter 2

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Peek at the Week

LANGUAGE ARTS - Currently, students are writing opinion papers. Last week, the whole class wrote why winter was Mrs. Donnay's favorite season! Next, students worked in partners writing their own opinions on topics such as: cell phones, homework, bedroom TVs, chores, etc. This has been a fun project because students are working on sharing their opinions with reasons backed up with examples. (Best moment of my week: A few kids convinced themselves that doing chores at home was a good thing...with my expert questioning! Haha!) We will also continue working on nouns with plural and singular possessives. We will continue our reading unit on money when we read the story___. Please remind your child to study their vocabulary words at home. A few study Ideas are: flashcards, draw pictures, write words in sentences, or come with a definition in their own words.

HISTORY - Students will begin study about Early Americans. We will start our unit learning about Beringia, the land bridge between North America and Asia during the Ice Age.

SPELLING - Unit 3 Lesson 2 - Check out to practice spelling words.

Character Education

Each month students should bring in examples of the monthly character trait to hang on our class bulletin board. December's trait is HONESTY!


Tell me about the Early Americans.

What was the Ice Age? How did people come to America?

What does honesty mean? Why is being honest important? Give examples of how you are honest on a daily basis

***Bring an example of HONESTY in the media and bring it to class to hang on the bulletin board.***

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Reflex Math

Click on this link to use Reflex Math and practice math facts! Your child has their own login and password. Please email me if you need this information again.

Spelling City

Click on this link to use to practice spelling words. The week's list unit and lesson name is on the top of the spelling sheet in your child's planner.

Lower School General Information Website

Please find any forms, calendars, background check forms, spirit wear days, etc on this webpage.


Planners MUST be signed every night. Your child should be responsible and showing you their planner and completed homework each day. Please encourage them to read, study their spelling and vocab words, and use Reflex Math even though something isn't "due" the next day. Their tests reflect their effort. Even if your child does well without studying, you are helping your child create good study skills! Please see the document I created as a tool to help your child with time management throughout the week. Thank you!
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