ESD Operations Newsletter

2020-2021 School Year

The Ellensburg School District is excited to share the 1st Annual Operations Newsletter. In this space we will be showcasing some departments that are a vital part in the success of our districts ability to serve our staff and students well.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

- Helen Keller

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Child Nutrition Director

Alexandra Epstein-Solfield

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The Ellensburg School District encompasses 544 square miles of geography and 550 miles of roadways.

The transportation department has 35 permanent and substitute employees maintaining and operating a fleet of 40 school buses serving the students in the district.

On a normal day, our school bus drivers transport 1,650 – 1,750 students to and from school.

On average, our school buses travel >330,000 miles transporting students to/from school, field trips, athletic events, and extra-curricular activities.

Our transportation maintenance and repair shop performs service on Ellensburg SD school bus and vehicle assets, and the school buses from Thorp SD and Kittitas SD respectively.

In 2020, the transportation department purchase 3 new school buses with extra cargo space to accommodate our out of town trip schedule.

Transportation Department Director

Eric Engle

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The Ellensburg School District operates and maintains eight facilities at seven locations. The Maintenance/Grounds staff consists of the Director, one Skilled Craftsman, one Grounds Foreman, and three Grounds Maintenance Helpers.

The department works to promote the safety, security, and health of every student and staff member in the District. The department consists of maintenance, grounds and custodial services with a mission to sustain new and existing facilities through comprehensive maintenance and custodial services. The department's goal is for all our customers — the Ellensburg School District staff, students, and community members — to teach, learn, perform, and play in a safe, secure, and healthy environment.

Beyond keeping the facilities and grounds safe and maintained for children and community use, the Maintenance/Grounds staff load, deliver, perform snow removal, unload school supplies to all schools, move furniture, set up and tear down equipment for tournaments, programs, dances, surplus sales, open houses, and unload and stock food commodities on a daily basis.

Maintenance Director

Dale Leslie

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The Community Schools Program has been a part of the Ellensburg School District for 30 years. Community Schools oversees the rental of the school district facilities by the community. We schedule all school district meetings, athletic practices and games, intramurals, band, choir, orchestra, theatrical and ASB activities. The program reaches out to community organizations and local businesses to insure their participation in adult and kids programming.

Though we are not offering these programs this year due to COVID, in a typical year Community Schools directs the Ellensburg Ski School for grades 4th-12th and the Spring Ellensburg School District Swimming Program for grades 1st and 3rd. We collaborate with the Ellensburg Park and Recreation Department as well as the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for basketball and volleyball.

Community Schools is responsible for the Performing Arts Center at Morgan Middle School. We supervise the staff and building as well as schedule all the events that go on in the MPAC.

The goal of Community Schools is to facilitate programs of social, cultural, educational, and recreational value for the entire community, the Ellensburg School District and to provide a fuller utilization of public school facilities.

We have changed to a new smart phone so you can now text and email!

  • Office and Scheduling — (509) 925-8017
  • Activities — (509) 859-6354
  • Jeff Whitney — (509) 201-6355

Community Schools Director

Jeff Whitney

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The Ellensburg School District Information Technology department currently has five employees consisting of the director, network admin, systems admin, and two IT support specialists. The IT department provides the necessary technology equipment, infrastructure, software, and professional development in support of academic learning environment. We base our decisions on the best interest of the students, to encourage academic success and create 21st Century Learners, within the framework of the district Board Ends.

Currently the IT Department is supporting distance learning by providing all enrolled students access to a district Chromebook as well providing Internet access to families who need it. We have implemented tools that allow parents to see and control what their students are doing. Additionally we have provided our teachers tools to monitor and teach remotely, as well as giving our administrators insights into the digital domain to keep students safe.

In June, we will be collecting all district Chromebooks for maintenance, updates, and repairs. Please keep an eye out for more information from your school.

Information Technology Director

Mike Welch

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Ellensburg School District is committed to the health and wellness of our students. Six certified registered nurses and one health room assistant are on duty in our schools daily. Our nurses provide a range of services, which include; screening for vision and hearing, first aid, medication administration, formulation of health plans, and much more.

"This year has been both the most challenging and rewarding year as a school Nurse. Without our amazing ESD Nurses, we would not be where we are at today with Students and staff in School (Hybrid). Our nurses play a key role in decreasing the spread of diseases in schools."

- District Nurse Kate Johnson, BSN, RN

Nursing Staff Accomplishments

· Successfully starting Staff and Student COVID testing at each schools.

· Continue to run busy health rooms as well as isolation rooms.

· Contract tracing to help decrease spread of disease in school

· Worked well with all ESD staff to ensure State Guidelines are met! Thank you ESD Staff!

· District Nurse Kate Johnson, BSN, RN one of the first 60 residents in Kittitas County to receive both COVID-19 Vaccines.

Please visit the ESD Website here to meet our amazing nurses and get more information regarding immunizations, health concerns and medical forms.

District Nurse

Kate Johnson

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