IDT Newsletter

November 2014

About IDT

Hello TC Teachers and Staff!

Thank you for sending us feedback about how our IDT clients are doing throughout their school day. We review your feedback weekly, and appreciate the time you take to document. All of that information helps us to better serve our clients.

We think it is important for you to know more about what your students are working on in IDT too! So we have decided to send out a monthly newsletter that will hopefully provide you with helpful information about what students are learning in IDT.

IDT stands for Intensive Day Treatment. The overall goal for each client in IDT is that they will increase and develop interpersonal and social skills that will enhance their function and relationships at home, school, and in the community setting. Collaboration between the Tomorrow Center staff, Central Ohio Mental Health staff, Community/Public School System, and Parents is essential in order to assist in stabilizing mental health symptoms and meeting educational needs.

We are proud to partner with you in empowering TC students to success!

Did you know?

In IDT we have a weekly schedule:

Monday: Check-ins and Group Processing

Every Monday, we set aside time for group processing. In this time, staff facilitates group discussion and students have the opportunity to check-in about their weekends, school experiences, home experiences, and anything else that they would like peer and staff feedback on.

Tuesday: Stories

On Tuesdays, the group works on developing their life stories. Staff prepares specific activities to help students reflect on their experiences, perspectives, goals, and the impact that the choices they make have on their story and the world around them.

Wednesday: Team Building

On Wednesdays, staff prepares activities for the group that require teamwork, positive communication, and following directions.

Thursday: Coping Skills Stations

On Thursdays, students rotate to various stations where they learn a new coping skill and put it into practice.

Friday: Incentive

Fridays, the group members who have earned incentive for the week, get to engage in a special incentive. Group members who have not earned incentive for the week, have required conferencing with staff where they review their individual goals, and discuss reasons why they didn't earn incentive, as well as strategies for earning incentive the next week.

Classroom Observation

We have been observing some of our IDT students in their classroom settings. If there is a particular student you have who is one of our clients, and you would like us to observe them, please let us know! We will do our best to make ourselves available.