Graci's study guide!!!!

questions & answers

# 1

1. what poetic terms do you understand? Give a definition or example of each.
  • Personification- having human like thoughts or feelings.
  • Simile- uses like or as.
  • Metaphor- doesn't use like or as but still compares
  • Hyperbole- an exggageration
  • Theme- tells why the story was written

# 2

what do you know about literary non-fiction?
a. How is literary non-fiction different from regular non-fiction?
b.What are the differences in the types of literary non-fiction?
They are different because they don't have the same meaning. There is a Biography, Memoir, and a diary.

More Questions & Answers!!!!

# 3-7!!!

  • #3 What are plot elements in fiction? Why are they important? They help you in writing.
  • #4 What is the point of view in fiction? How does the point of view affect the story? It is the point of the story it makes it better.
  • # 5 What do you know about the tools of reading?
a. What is inference? How do you infer things? Why is it important? An inference is what you think about a part of a story. You talk about a part of a story. It is important because you have

An opinion and you should share it. What are 3 types of connections you can make with text? Why is it important to think about making connections? Text to text, text to self, and text to man. How is a main idea different from a summary? It is different because a summary is a short version of a story, while a main idea is the point of the story. what is the theme of fiction? How is it different than the main idea? The theme is the main idea and the authors message while a summary is a short version of a story.

  • #6 what have you learned about grammar so far this year? Describe how each piece is used and give me an example using your own sentences. I have learned how to write a GOOD story.
  • #7 How is a story told in drama (or film/play) form other fiction? How do the characters, setting and plot differ between genres?