Texas Road Trip

Gulf Coastal: Houston

For my first visit I traveled to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center. This is where they train astronauts and research for space travel. This is also where they control flights. It became known as "Mission Control" because of its involvement in the Apollo, Gemini, and Space Shuttle programs. After walking through many space themed exhibits, we found a tour where we could see parts of the actual space center. We saw a life sized cross section of a space shuttle, and just a third of (I imagine they couldn't build a building large enough to house the whole thing) the Saturn V rocket, which was the heaviest, tallest, and most powerful rocket that was ever fully operational. After that we got to see some of the older flight control rooms.

To experience some natural aspects of Houston, I decided on the Houston Arboretum. There was a trail that lead me through meadows, a pond, forest, and wetland habitats. I saw many little things like frogs and birds, and even some fish.

From there I traveled to the Bayou Bend Gardens. I saw many statues, furnishings, ceramics, etc. This site is displayed in the former home of the philanthropist and civic leader Ima Hogg

Gulf Coastal: Winnsboro

North Central: Waco

North Central: Wichita Falls

Great Plains: Odessa

Great Plains: San Angelo

Mountains & Basins: El Paso

To learn more about El Paso's history, I visited the U.S. Army Air Defense Artillery & Fort Bliss Museum. While I was there I saw many vehicles like tanks, jeeps, and choppers, and also some artillery guns and missile launchers. There were some supplies that soldiers at Fort Bliss would have used, like Meals-Ready-to-Eat (MRE's), which were rations made to last very long.

Next, I drove down to Concordia Cemetery to learn about the culture of El Paso. I found that there were many graves for "Buffalo Soldiers". They had been given there nickname by Native Americans because of the large fur coats they wore. A famous gunslinger named John Wesley Hardin is buried there, and so were two Mexican presidents. There is section of the cemetery where Chinese people are buried.

And on my way out of El Paso I decided to go to Franklin Mountains State Park. It's sort of a mountainous area mixed with a desert. On my hike up I saw some wildlife like lizards and butterflies. There were mostly shrubs and dead grass, but there were a few cacti on some of the mountains. Eventually I got to the point were there was snow, but not that much of it.

Mountains & Basins: San Elizario