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What's Up in Our Classroom ~ February 23-27, 2015


Ask your child to share how they are doing on our new comprehension tool "Read Theory". This fabulous tool will help your child think at a "higher" level. During class this week, we are working on summarizing and theme. Refer to the letter you recieved at confererences to review our literacy centers.


Our first informational final writing assignment will be due on Thursday. We have been working on drafting pieces for several weeks now. Your child has writing time each day to work on his/her writing pieces at school. On Thursday we will begin our planning for biographies! Students will research and become an individual from history as part of our living wax museum on March 24th. See the save the date flier below.


We continue with our Einstein Academy motion unit. Students use Kinex to create a vehicle to learn about vehicle movement. Force, friction and energy are concepts we have discussed so far. This week they will build a vehicle with a sail and one that will be propeller driven. Friction

Words Their Way

Students will have sorts this week. Just a reminder, students should be sorting words, writing their words, gluing their words and doing a blind sort with an adult all at home. If your child needs an additional home copy of their words, please let me know. Spelling City is an app they should be practicing their words on as well.


Multiplying whole numbers by fractions is what students are working on this week. Practicing this concept with real world story problems is what will be our focus this week. Our assessment will be Wednesday. Thursday we will begin our next unit on relating fractions to decimals. Khan Academy Fraction videos

Important Dates and Events

    • Timbertail Day - February 24th
    • Sledding Incentive - February 26th@2:30-3:10 - depending on snow . . .
    • Timbertail Day - March 3rd
    • NAEP Testing - March 4th

    • Point Beach Nuclear Plant Field Trip - March 6th

    • Lineville Music Demo Day - March 11th

    • Clash Day - March 13th

    • Early Release - March 13th (Thurs./Fri. switch day)