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Fall 2021 Issue VI

Cultivating a growth mindset in our Birmingham community

Learn the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Having a growth mindset helps our students and communities to thrive. We all have a part in helping to cultivate that type of mindset. Which mindset do you have? Which mindset does your student have? Which mindset do you think will help them reach their goals?
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What can parents do?

Parents often ask what can I do to help my student at home? Here is a quick list of what you can do to help support your student in his or her academics!
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Non Vaccinated Students School Options

As families make the choice that is right for them, we want to make sure our families know what school options are available in our community to our students who will not be getting vaccinated and therefore not returning to Birmingham in the Spring.
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9th Grade

The Freshman Counselors sent out parent square message to students and parents once 12 week grades came out. Students (and their parents) who are receiving 1 or more D or F received an encouragement notice, that encouraged students to work hard to pass their classes. Students (and their parents) who are passing all of their classes with Cs or better received a Congratulatory notice celebrating their success. We will be celebrating our students who have shown significant improvement in their grades, as well as our students receiving straight A's with a Student Recognition Event on November 17 at lunch in the Quad. These students will receive In-N-Out Burgers as a reward for their effort. Counselors will continue meeting with students regarding their grades, focusing on students who grades have dropped since the 6 week progress report.

We encourage students to continue attending tutoring and use Thanksgiving break to complete and turn in missing assignments, as this is the best way to see your grades improve.

10th Grade

  • Counselors have completed our Grad Status/A-G Checks. They have been thoroughly explained to the students and mailed home for review.
  • Counselors are working on supporting our at-risk students by summonsing our students with 4 or more Fails on the 12-week progress report card and having parent conferences, SSPTS, and/or SST meetings. At the meeting, as a team, we discuss academic/social/emotional supports/interventions.
  • Counselors have recognized all students with C's or Better on the 12-week progress report by e-mailing congratulatory notices to all students/parents.
  • Counselors have also notified all parents/students through e-mail if they are receiving a D and/or Fail on the 12-week progress report and what they can do to improve their grades.
  • The 10th Grade GLA is having a Recognition GPA Improvement Assembly for students that have had a significant GPA increase from Spring 2021 to the Fall 12-Week Progress Report.

11th Grade

The Junior Counseling Team has been going into classrooms to review A-G requirements, Credit recovery options, and promoting Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America through Princeton (LEDA) a 7-week FREE summer program at Princeton University.

We sent out notifications to all of our students and parents to inform them on how they performed on their 12 week progress report card. We want to wish all of our Junior families a very Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you all take some time for yourself to relax, spend time with loved ones, and take a moment to be thankful for what we have. We look forward to finishing this semester strong!

Ms. Scherrer and Ms. Galvez have begun a hybrid Friday girl group. This social emotion learning group will run until the end of the semester. The students selected will learn to communicate effectively, will learn how to increase their self-esteem and create a new network of support amongst their peers.

12th Grade

Our seniors are in college application season! Students with a 2.5 and higher GPA are applying to CSU's and students with 3.0 and higher GPA are applying to UC's and private colleges as well. Our students that will be going to community colleges also have begun the application process. We just recognized 91 seniors with straight A's this 2nd grading period! We also had 83 Most Improved students who brought up at least one grade.

Our college/career seminar class is coming to an end this November as the college application season deadlines for CSU and UC's are around the corner 11/30/2021.

Seniors are using this class to clear one of their senior obligations.

Reminder that senior attendance will play a big factor in students participating in senior activities that include walking on stage. Students are encouraged to come to school unless they have an excused reason for not being at school.

Mrs. Fuentes Martinez & Mrs. Hinojosa-Riusech have been having weekly check-in meetings with students for students that have 2 or more F's. In addition, Ms. Franco (Senior Teacher Coordinator) has also been meeting with seniors that need more support.

Please help us end this semester strong!! Encourage your student to check Aeries daily and emails for senior opportunities. Let's make every day count!

The counseling staff wishes you a happy thanksgiving!

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Please check out our school counselor homepage for updated information and resources!


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