By: Bryce D.


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Flag of Vietnam


Vietnam is a long, narrow country that is southeast Asia and twice the size of Arizona . It shares borders with China, Laos, and Cambodia. Vietnam's prodigest mountains cover 2/3 of the land. Vietnam's also surrounded by 2 gulfs, the gulf of Thailand and the gulf of Tonkin. In the deep south the Mekong River (A.K.A the Red River) made 3 deltas.


Vietnam has a warm, rainy, climate with rich vegetation.Vietnam holds over 1,500 species of trees and woody vine in the country range such as the ebony, teak, and bamboo. Vietnam contains animals like the sea and river otters,white tigers, oxen, bears, and pythons and cobras


Vietnam has a lot of cultures like honoring your ancestors, or attaching something important to the family. Ethnic Vietnamese make 85% of Vietnam (ethnic means different group, but similar culture.) Many Vietnamese wanted to be south, but the 20th century economic relocation moved them north. The Tay, Thai, and Nung group speak Tai, the Hmong group speaks Sino Tibetan, and the Muong speak Mon-Khmer.It was the 16th when the Vietnamese discovered Roman Catholicism. Half of Vietnam's population are Buddhists. The foods they make are egg rolls, ga nuong, chao, bo bittet, and pho cuon


Vietnam's sports are martial arts, cycling, wrestling, sumo fights, the Vietnam Olympic team, the Asian games, volleyball and badminton. Some board games are billards, chess, checkers, Mahjong tiles, and backgammon.


In the old times all Vietnam was a delta and was called Nam viet. A few years later it was taken by the Han dynasty of China forcing them to do Chinese tradition, making them ethnic. The Chinese rule only lasted 1000 years. It was 939 AD when that happened. In 1945, in North Vietnam, a coalition called the Viet Minh led by communist Ho Chi Minh started the first Indo-China war. The U.S said for France to handle the problem by signing a treaty in 1954. During that time, the U.S was supplying South Vietnam until they bombed North Vietnam. Which ended the Vietnam War


The presidents are Ngo Dinh Diem, Ho Chi Minh, Ton Duc Thang, Nguyen Huu Tho, Tran Duc Luong, Nguyen Minh Triet, and Truong Tan Sang


Vietnam has always worked on a socialist party except in 1945-1965 it was ran by the communist Ho Chi Minh. It was a National Assembly with one legislative house and once the president is elected, he can pick who can nominate anyone for prime minister and other heads.


The north part of Vietnam is 75% farmland and has a free enterprise. The south part manufactured with private enterprise.