Ellie Nazzari

University of Notre Dame

Personal Profile

Personal Information

In February 2015 I turned 18 years of age and come from a family of Italian background, thus allowing myself to speak the Italian language fluently. Sport has also always been a heavily influential aspect of my life, in particular basketball with myself representing my state in basketball for a number of years.

My Degree

In February 2015 I began studying a Bachelor of Education, specialising in Early Childhood education at the University of Notre Dame. This far I have completed 2 units and am excited to begin my first classroom immersion this November.

Academic Interests

Specialising in Early Childhood education allows myself to teach children from 0-8 years all subjects required to be studied in Australian primary schools, as well as religious education. My degree will also allow myself to work in a childcare centre or in an environment with children below foundation year.


In 2014 I graduated from Mercedes College with a WACE certificate. Throughout my time at the College I learnt the importance of applying The Mercy Values on a daily basis. From doing so I have strengthened my ability to act with compassion, respect and integrity, amongst other key values upheld by my school.

Volunteer Work and Work Experience

In 2012 and 2013 I completed a number of hours of volunteer work in a childcare centre for underprivileged children. I found the experience to be extremely enjoyable and from doing so I was influenced to become a teacher. Additionally in 2014 I completed a 20 week work experience program in a local primary school, working with pre primary children. This further influenced my future decisions and assured me that teaching is my true vocation.

Goals and Aspirations

I aim to complete my degree in Early Childhood Education and become a full time Early Childhood Educator in a primary school setting by 2019. Throughout my studies I aspire to work hard with the intention of allowing myself to learn and grow into an effective teacher by the end of my degree.

Contact Details

Mobile: 0429999802

Email: e.kn@live.com