The rules tht exponents live by. by: Jakob Gudeman

First Law

when you multiply exponents, you multiply the bases but add the exponents.

ex: 2 to the third power x 6 to the fifth power = 12 to the eighth power.

Second Law

When you have a base and an exponent inside parenthesis with an exponent on the outside you multiply the 2 exponents.

ex. (2x+3x squared)5 <==== exponent

5 times 1 is 5 so 2x to the 5th power plus 2 times 5 is 10. so 2x to the 5th power plus 3x to the 10th power.

third law

In an answer an exponent cannot be negative.

fourth law

when dividing bases and exponents, you subtract the exponents and the bases. if an exponent is negative or the answer exponent is negative, you flip the equation.