Eukaryotic Vs. Prokaryotic!

Weston Lucas

Compare Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic.

Both cells compared!

· Both have DNA as their genetic material.

· Both have ribosomes.

· Similar basic metabolism.

Contrast Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic!

Both cells contrasted!

· Ribosomes or the Eukaryotic is larger and the Prokaryotic is smaller.

· Cell size of the Eukaryotic is 10-100um and the cell size of Prokaryotic is 1-10um.

· Cell type of Eukaryotic is usually multicellular and for Prokaryotic is Usually Unicellular.

· Eukaryote’s Nucleus is present and Prokaryote’s is absent.

· Eukaryotic has more than one chromosomes and Prokaryotic has one.

Photo's of prokaryotic and eukaryotic!


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