Discovery Education Part 2

Maximizing Student Engagement

Classroom Manager

1. Create a Class (notice there is a tutorial you can view)

2. Add students from School Roster or click to Add NEW Students.

My Content

This feature allows you to collect, organize, share and retrieve your favorite Discovery Education resources - video, assignments, quizzes, writing prompts, and more in one convenient place.

The purpose of My Content is to bookmark resources to avoid searching for it again.

  • Click Folder with + Sign - Add or Make a New Folder
  • You can create sub-folders within main folders to create hierarchies within content, grade levels or courses.
  • You can also choose to share folder contents with your school and district.

  1. Locate (search) for a resource you wish to add to My Content.
  2. Add to correct folder.

**Make sure to allow pop-ups from DE when adding material to My Content, or hold down the "Control" key when clicking the "Add" button to temporarily allow the pop-up window to open.

Assignment Builder

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Step 1: Create Your Assignment

  • Provide information in form
  • You can also receive updates when a student edits, submits, or comments by checking appropriate box.

Step 2: Build Your Assignment

  • You can add, edit and delete assignment content, such as assignment instructions, learning objectives, teacher notes, media content, animations or audio files.
  • You an also add activities such as a Quiz, Writing Prompt, or add links to websites.
  • You can preview assignment before selecting Save and Continue.

Step 3: Assign Your Assignment

Quiz Builder

Step 1: Create Your Quiz

  • Provide Information
  • You can attach media or resources saved in My Content
  • Set preferences as to how quiz will be delivered
  • Set notification preferences
  • Save Quiz in a folder within My Content

Step 2: Build Your Quiz

  • Add, edit, or remove quiz questions
  • Create your own question and/or add questions from the DE Library.

Step 3: Assign Your Quiz

  • Assign by class or student
  • Assign by code or URL

Writing Prompt Builder

Step 1: Create Your Writing Prompt

  • Provide information
  • Set Preferences
  • Click Save and Continue
  • Save to folder within My Content

Step 2: Build

  • Add, edit or remove resources and text
  • Select how you wish your writing prompt to appear by using drag and drop feature

Step 3: Assign

  • Assign by class or student
  • Assign by code or URL

Assessment Manager

  • Create a Standards-Based Assessment
  • Create a Concept-Based Assessment
  • Create a Custom Assessment
  • Assign a Discovery Education Student Self Assessment

Board Builder

Teachers and students have this tool.

Login as student to see student view by going to Classroom Manager, My Students, Login as Student.

Student View:

  • Theme
  • Welcome
  • Assignments
  • Resources
  • Blog
  • Get Involved

Board Builder allows students to give evidence not just an answer.

  1. Students will create board and share to teacher.
  2. Teacher will review board and give feedback by going to Classroom Manager, Student Boards.
  3. Teacher will decide to share to school, district, and or all of DE world.

Boards can be added to My Content as Favorites.


Discovery Education Strategies for the One Computer Classroom Prezi

Engage Students with Socrative, Infuse Learning, and Kahoot!

Students Create

Discovery Education Video on iPad

If your school/district has a license for Discovery’s United Streaming, then you've got permission to put those videos onto classroom devices! Here's how:

· Visit the United Streaming website, and log in with your username and password. Navigate to the video(s) you wish to put on your iPad.
· Directly beneath the video preview pane on the left, choose Quicktime as the Download Type.
· On the right side in the list of video segments, right-click the small filmstrip icon located to the right of the video you want, and choose “Save Link As...”or “Save Target As...” to save a copy of the video to your computer. Be sure to name it something that makes sense! Also, pay attention to where you're saving the file.
· You’ve now taken a copy of the video “out of” United Streaming and made it available to use on your school's devices!
· Next, copy that file into your iTunes library. It's not in iPod/iPad format just yet.
· In your iTunes media window, select the file you just uploaded by clicking it once.
· Go to the “Advanced” menu and choose “Create iPod or iPad Version” (this menu item might also be called “Create iPod or iPhone Version”).
· A minute or so later (depending on the length of the video), you should hear the iTunes confirmation beep, and your video is now in the correct format. You can delete the original file you uploaded, since it is no longer needed.

A short video tutorial of these steps is available here:

Discovery Education Bulk Import Directions for Administrators

Stormy Cullum

Liberty-Eylau ISD

District Technology Integration Specialist