Sacred Heart School

Week of April 27th

Working on a Saturday

On Saturday, members of our Early Childhood team met 100 students and family members at Sacred Heart School. (Talk about dedication!) We loaded up 2 buses and headed down to the National Gallery of Art for an awesome event designed around the Children Are Citizens project.

Each student received a sticker that said "author" on it when they walked in the door as well as a copy of the book that was published with their work in it. The Gallery had displays set up of student thinking. They had free gelato and a room full of blocks for the kids to play with. They had interactive tours of the museum and a drawing room for kids to create their own artwork in.

At the end of the day, we all loaded ourselves back on buses and came home. I honestly can't tell you was prouder: students, teachers or parents (or who was more exhausted).

But I do know that I was proud. I am proud. I find myself saying that frequently. I am so proud of our school.

I am proud of our teachers for being willing to try a new project, for being vulnerable, for collaborating, and taking risks in their classrooms. I am proud of their flexibility, open mindedness, team work, and dedication to our students.

I'm proud of Ms. Kullberg for supporting the teachers through the whole process. She was at every meeting, in every classroom, and on every email chain we had with Project Zero.

I'm proud of the National Gallery of Art for stepping up and creating a space for our students and building a partnership that we hope will last for many years to come.

I'm proud of DC - for being ready and willing to give our students a voice. I'm proud that schools across DC, from public, private, and charter schools, were all able to collaborate and find common ground in what we do.

I am proud of us. I'm grateful that students are given the opportunity to think, to express themselves creatively, to revise their thinking, and contribute to the overarching culture of thinking at our school.

It could've been so easy to say "we are busy", "we don't work after 4pm or on Saturdays", "our colleagues drive us crazy", "we don't have anything in common with those schools", "it wasn't on our schedule". But we didn't. We didn't make excuses. We made it happen. We made the dream of creating a school that puts students first happen.

Upcoming Events

8th Grade Field Trip - Mass of Vocations

Tuesday, April 28th, 9am

400 Michigan Avenue Northeast

Washington, DC

8th Grade will be going to the Basilica for the Mass for Vocations on Tuesday. Trip is estimated to be from 9 - 12:30. Sr. Ana Maria and Fr. Kevin are coordinating the trip.

Talent Show Auditions

Thursday, April 30th, 9pm


Talent Show auditions will be held on Thursday, April 30th and Friday, May 1st from 4:00-5:00 in the theater.

Jeans Day for 5th Grade

Friday, May 1st, 8am


Friday will be a Jeans Day benefitting 5th grade!


Testing continues this week. We are continuing Performance Series, beginning ACCESS and PALS. Almost all classes will be affected at some point. Please make sure you are able to view the Master Testing Schedule on google doc so you are aware of when your class will be tested.

Also, continue to prepare students for the tests by practicing basic test taking skills, as well as informing parents through class communications (email, etc.) when you have testing coming up.

Spirit Week Success!

Teacher Talent Show Dance

(FULL) Michelle Obama Dancing To "Uptown Funk" At White House Easter Egg Roll