Clayton Ridge Schools November 2017

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American Education Week

Carolyn Hoffman, GFWC/Iowa Cuttenberg Book Club

In recognition of American Education Week, the GFWC/Iowa Guttenberg Book Club would like to extend its sincere gratitude to the entire Clayton Ridge staff for its dedication in providing an excellent education and safe learning environment for all of the district’s students.

Community Veterans Day Ceremony at Clayton Ridge

Area veterans were honored with a community ceremony hosted at Clayton Ridge High School. All Clayton Ridge students and staff attended in addition to many community members and area veterans. Mr. Dennis Hanna presided over the ceremony. The Veteran's Angels presented Quilts of Valor to Roger Zach, John F. Farmer, Jerry Farmer, Jay G. Farmer, Billy Jo Berns, Rod Schroeder, Cody Schmelzer, Ron Hyde, Jeff White, Mark .J Brown, Sr., Geo. Heidemann, Dennis Hoeger, Fred L. Kann, Joshua J. Hundt, and Tom Kuempel. Mr. Steve Dikkers, Dr. Michelle Dikkers, and Mr. Bruce Bryant performed various songs from each of the wars America has been involved in. Rosalie Kickbush read the names of those veterans who have passed in the past year. Boys' State was honored with certificates; their ceremonial Capitol Building flags have been delayed. The Clayton Ridge Chamber Choir performed the National Anthem, and the Clayton Ridge Band (along with Community Band members) performed "Battle Hymn of the Republic" while Mrs. Sharon Keehner, Mr. Adam Radcliffe, Mrs. Michelle Fassbinder, and Mr. Eric Ihde sang.

VFW Patriots Pin Essay Winners

Mrs. Cheri Weges, CRMS

Some 6th and 7th grade students at Clayton Ridge Middle School recently participated in the Veterans of Foreign Wars Essay Contest sponsored by the VFW Club in Guttenberg. The students wrote a 300-400 word essay addressing the theme, “America’s Gift to My Generation.” The essays were judged by local retired teachers. Shown are the winners Caden Strader, seventh grader and Ellie Brandt, sixth grader. Also shown in the picture is Stan Blair, VFW member. The winners will advance to the Northeast Iowa district competition. A big thank you to the local VFW organization that allows students the opportunity to practice writing skills and for traveling to CRMS to present the awards.

October Awards

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Clayton Ridge Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

Mrs. Stephanie Thomas, ES/MS School Counselor

This year on October 23rd through October 27th Clayton Ridge Students participated in Red Ribbon Week. Red Ribbon Week is a National 8 day event officially proclaimed by the US Congress in 1988. Student wear red ribbons and participate in activities to celebrate healthy choices and commit to being drug and alcohol free. This event first began to honor the sacrifice DEA Agent, Enrique Camarena made when he lost his life in the fight against drugs.

K-9 Deputy Matt Moser of the Clayton County Sheriff Department visited Clayton Ridge Middle School on October 23rd to share with students the importance of leading a drug-free life. He discussed the negative consequences of drugs and alcohol. Perhaps the favorite part of his presentation was when he taught the students about Raven along with her background and her abilities. Raven definitely stole the show when she demonstrated her skills as a drug dog and played with her ball. Her ball, Deputy Moser explained, is her reward for a job well done and it equivalent to how we would feel winning the lottery! Following the presentation a few of our students were selected to get a photo with Raven. Thanks again to both of them for the excellent presentation!
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Digital Citizenship = Digital Awesomeness!

Mrs. Deb Henkes, Clayton Ridge Technology Integration Coach

Digital Citizenship refers to the norms of appropriate, responsible, and healthy behavior related to technology use. Learning about digital citizenship is more than just sharing what NOT to do online, it’s about teaching our students to be awesome digital citizens and digital learners as well as connecting it to our PBIS goals of Ready, Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.

At the Middle School, 4th and 5th grade students have been learning about appropriate use of school email, creating an amazing digital footprint, positive commenting, avoiding digital drama and more.

Appropriate digital citizenship and technology use is something that we take very seriously at Clayton Ridge. We are planning for on-going digital literacy learning activities for all students throughout the school year. We want our students to be #DitgitalAwesome so that we can share our #EaglePride with the world!

Let's start a ripple effect and take over the internet with kindness, positivity, and creativity!

5th graders created Digital Citizenship Memes to share their learning about being appropriate and positive online. Great work 5th graders! #EagleExcellence

CRMS 4th and 5th Grade to the Maize Maze

Mrs. Jill Stannard, MS

Clayton Ridge Middle School Students in Grades 4/5 Visit the Maize Maze in Elgin, IA on October 12.

What a great day!
Students rotated through stations and participated in several different activities.

Students toured The Gilbertson Nature Center while learning a wealth of information about wildlife and nature from Dawn. Students also completed a challenging scavenger hunt in The Mavis and Conner Dummermuth Historical Museum. Students had to complete the quest through a large collection of farm and home antiques.
Students were able to learn about different types of corn, see antique planting and harvesting equipment, pick corn, shell corn and even take some Indian corn home.

They also made their way through the maze were students had to find 15 mailboxes with answers to questions about IOWA fowl, Iowa crops, historical places in NE Iowa and other interesting and educational facts. Students also found 30 pictures of chicken and turkey info, so a total of 75 things can be found if you can manage getting lost and then solving it.

Students cooked out for lunch, enjoyed smores, and went on a hike. I bet the students slept good Thursday night! I know I did!

A huge THANK YOU to Luverne and Grace Swenson, their son and Dawn Amundsen for allowing us to come and for making our visit educational and fun!

Full STEAM Ahead at CRMS

Sara Lawrence, MS

Fourth graders Colton H. and Zoey H., along with fifth graders Adam L. and Hailey G. visited Keystone AEA in Elkader to work on STEAM, which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. Students spent the day working cooperatively with partners creating and building straw towers, marble runs, and fidget spinner timings, just to name a few of the activities. Students worked with their teacher to start planning STEAM activities for the science classroom.

CRMS VocabJourney Leaderboard

Mrs. Jill Standard, CRMS

CRMS student continue to lead the nation on the VocabJourney leaderboard! So amazing!
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Eighth Grade Independent Reading Awards

Mrs. Carole Mackey, CRMS/CRHS English

Mrs. Mackey's eighth grade Language Arts class held its Quarter 1 Independent Reading Awards event on October 30, 2017. Students received recognition for reading nonfiction and fiction books of their choice and responding to their reading with journaling, creative writing, book talks, comprehension questions, and artwork (see Destiny Kemp's artwork). Awards were presented to the top page readers during the quarter as recorded in their daily reading logs. The recognized top page readers for Quarter 1 were Sierra Sheber (9,000+), Maddelline Radabaugh (2,000+), Henry Scherer (2,000+), Charlie Cherne (2,000+), Madison Meyer (1,500+), Rebecca Schumann (1,500+), Destiny Kemp ( 1,000+), Macy Jones (1,000+), Brodie Wahls (1,000+), and Dakota Schmit (1,000+). Students also enjoyed treats brought by their classmates (see Avery Dettbarn, Mara Pierce, Emma Kulper, and Peyton Nuehring with treats made by JayLyn Moore and Emma), music chosen by rotating DJ's, trick or treating, coloring spooky bookmarks, and team mummy creations (see Maddelline Radabaugh, Sierra Sheber, and Jillian Leliefeld wrap Rebecca Schumann). All the students agreed that it was a fun event and look forward to the Quarter 2 Independent Reading Awards event which will be held in December.
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Spanish IV Students to Fiesta Cancun

Mrs. Rhea Cano, CRHS Spanish

Spanish IV students were treated with a field trip to Fiesta Cancun in Dubuque to experience a real-world speaking activity where students used recent vocabulary. Students were required to order in Spanish and perform all table-talk in Spanish.

Day of the Dead Altars

Mrs. Rhea Cano, CRHS Spanish

After learning about the Spanish holiday The Day of the Dead, each Spanish class did a Day of the Dead activity. Spanish IV students created fictitious altars to honor a person of their choice.

Horseshoe Champions High School PE

Mr. Kyle Sperfslage, HS PE/Social Studies

The HS PE classes have been playing horseshoes over the last three weeks of class. The students played the game north of the elementary playground between the Lock House and the river. Students used the “Cancellation Scoring Method,” and we adjusted the scoring just slightly to work while playing on grass, as opposed to the normal sand pits. The unit ended with each period playing a tournament, and winners are pictured below!

Family Tech Talk

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Words on Wellness

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Lunch Menu

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