Let Nature Run Its Course

Genetically Modified Organisms Are Harmful

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Home Grown

Large, cheap genetically modified crops are sure to hurt our local farming economy. Remember those tomatoes you picked up from the farmer's market? The small red packages of flavor? The ones that were sweeter than honey? Remember the apples you picked at Utah? The ones with the freshness of the morning breeze and the juice tasting just like cider? If GMOs are allowed to dominate the market, these farmers are sure to be crushed. And you would be stuck with the bruised, dull Tom Thumb apples.

Steal from the Poor to Feed the Rich

Monsanto, one of the world's leading companies manufacturing genetically modified crops attempted to sue local farmers. They claimed that the farmers were raising Monsanto's genetically modified crops without permission. The farmers claim that pollen Monsanto's crops was spread by the wind onto their fields. There is no knowing who is right, but does Monsanto even need the money they are suing for?


The modern practices of using chemicals has caused some strains of weeds and even bacteria to develop immunity to such antibiotics. The weeds can threaten all crops if they are to spread and the bacteria can be very harmful to people because of their resistances.