Clearspring Middle School

February 2017

Principals Message

One of the core competencies that we want each of our students to know in a deep way is citizenship. We hope that each student in CMS (and Hanover School Division) can become a citizen who makes positive contributions to their community and to society. There are many ways to do that, so the best way to help students grow in this area is to have some key principles that we want to instill in them. Citizenship requires honesty. While this trait is not always modeled in the best way by politicians and the media, it remains important for us to help our students understand the importance of honesty in their dealings with others. Another important trait to promote citizenship is compassion. The more we care for others, and for our world, the more likely we are to be willing and able to make positive contributions. Citizenship requires respect. Respect grows from our understanding and belief in the value of others. When we see that we are all equal, we are more likely to respect those who seem different from us. A good citizen takes responsibility for her/himself. One of the main responsibilities for students is that they learn now, so that they may take their full place in society later. And finally, citizenship requires courage. Courage enables people to do the right thing, even when faced with opposition. There are many examples of this in history, including Nellie McClung, Martin Luther King Jr., and Bishop Desmond Tutu. Deep Learning at CMS includes teaching students about citizenship in their classes, on the bus, in the hallways, and on the playground. We have amazing students at CMS, and I would say our future is in good hands!

Portfolio Evening

We will soon begin promoting our Portfolio Learning Evening. On March 16, we will invite ALL our parents and students to come to school in the evening. Students will share their learning with parents, and teachers will be available for short conversations with interested parents. This was a wonderful evening last year, and we look forward to another fantastic Portfolio Learning Evening this year!
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"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go." — Dr. Seuss


February 13th - February 17th

During the book fair the library will be closed during the lunch hour unless you are purchasing books. Remember if you have certificates from chocolate sales - please bring them in and use them.

Happenings at CMS

We started February with an assembly to kick off I Love to Read Month. Grade 6 students led us in a reading based assembly on our month long theme of Building a Growth Mindset. Each morning one class reads a growth mindset book report, and on Wednesday, we are excited to have Sigmund Brouwer, an author whose books are in our library, speak to our students at an assembly and then lead some writers’ workshops. Thanks to Ms. Schellenberg for organizing his visit! We will also have our annual Book Fair the week of Feb 13 - 17, with Family Night on Feb 16. Your support in purchasing books helps our library to buy more books to support our students’ voracious reading habits. Thank you!

In addition to I Love to Read, February is the month of our Grade 8 Ski Trip, Optimist Band Festival, and a Grade 8 French Activity Day. Also in February will be DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) training for our Grade 7 students. Grade 6 DARE training will take place in April.

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February Events

Thursday, February 2 - Grade 6 Assembly

Wednesday, February 8 - Sigmund Brouwer - Assembly & Workshop (A.M)

Thursday, February 9 - Grade 6 Pizza Order Pickup

February 13 - February 17 BOOK FAIR

Thursday, February 16 - Grade 8 Falcon Trip

Monday, February 20 - No School

Wednesday, February 22 - Grade 8 French Day

Thursday, February 23 - Grade 8 Optimist Festival

Friday, February 24 - No Classes

Upcoming Events - March

Wednesday, March 1 - Band Festival

Friday, March 3 - Grade 5 Winter Fun Day

Wednesday, March 8 - Sigmund Brouwer (A.M)

Thursday, March 9 - Grade 9 Orientation Tour

Friday, March 10 - NO CLASSES

Tuesday, March 14 - Fort Whyte (5DG, 5SS, 5ST)

Wednesday, March 15 - Fort Whyte (5SH, 5EK, 5JL)

Wednesday, March 15 - Report Cards

Thursday, March 16 - Portfolio Evening

Friday, March 24 - MAC Dance

March 27 - March 31 SPRING BREAK

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