The me project

By Apramdeep Duhra

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Who am I?

My name is Apramdeep. I like to think of myself as a kind, hard working, altruistic and a sensitive person. I value family, education, inspiration and creativity a lot. A big goal of mine is to inspire people in whatever I end up doing. I really like learning about nature, art, social justice and helping people. I think the best way to be happy is by thinking me to we and not only caring out ourselves but others too.

My Life Line

We Day

I had the oppurtunity to attend We Day.

Date: October 1 2015


My Favourite Things

Leadership style

My leadership style was pace setter. My style of leadership expects excellence and self direction. This is shown through group projects where usually if I'm working with a shy group of people I just start the conversation and introduce my ideas. This helps make the project more successful and less uncomfortable. Also I volunteer and their you have to show leadership skills as well and although when I volunteer I have a leader I still have to show initiative by leading and cooperating as well.


My main influences are my parents and three of my cousins. The good sense of direction part of me comes from my family, they have always told me what is right and by the time it came to make decisions I had a good sense of what the right choices may be. Also my cousins who are a main factor of my character, always giving me advice such as "Highschool is what you make it." or "Always tell your parents about anything." they have made me a well rounded person who take opportunities and is generally a nice person. When it comes to my friends, they are mostly athletic and well involved people in school life and general life. I wouldn't say their a bad influence but rather a good influence.

Role Model

My role model would be my cousin Jusmeen who is 22. She is a person who is athletic, smart, beautiful and kind. All of these traits inspire me to be as good of a person she is. She accomplished many things in school life and outside of school life. My favorite thing about her is that she doesn't let anybodies words get to her and I aspire to be as confident as she is and as strong as she is. Overall she is a well rounded person and everyday I try to be a better person.

My Future

There are a number of things I want to accomplish, one is to get a scholarship to make paying for my tuition easier on my parents. One job that I'm interested in is an Environmental scientist. Ever since Elementary school I've been really into nature and as I got older I got very interested in how to prevent climate change. I plan to get there by applying to a University program which offers this career path. McMaster and University of Toronto offers Environmental sciences and are two post secondary options I'm looking at for this job. Another career I'm looking into is a Speech language pathologist. This career option is also something I'm interested in because it helps me to help others and the purpose of the job is to help people with disabilities and speech problems have an easier way to communicate with people. McMaster and University of Toronto offer programs to help you reach this career. Anyways whatever I end up doing I want to help people.

Symbols That Represent My Family