My Dream Career

Nick LaCoste

MLB general manager

As a general manager for a baseball team I would be in charge of player personal, making sure that the team has enough players and having enough money to pay those players. I also would be in charge of drafting young talent out of the draft and making sure that I have a good draft board set up. I also have to talk with the manager and hire the guys he wants on his coaching staff.

To get started

To get started I would have to get a business degree and probably start out at a low level job on a major league team like a scouts assistant or something like that. I would get paid by putting together a team that is good and that will bring a lot of people into the ball park. After I get started on working m way up I will become a scout or a budget manager and then work my way up to eventually the GM's assistant and if the the GM gets fired then I will probably be his successor or will go on to be the GM for another team.