9th Grade Literature & Composition

End of Spring Semester 2016

English Final Exam Information

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Georgia Milestones EOC 9th Grade Literature & Composition

It is that time of year to begin thinking about end of course assessments. If you attend a Ga public school, you will take an EOC instead of the final exam for this course. Please be sure that you talk to your counselor/facilitator to find out when the 9th Grade Literature and Composition EOC will be administered at your school.

In addition, please take advantage of the test prep activities in the course. Listed below is a link to a study guide that includes test tips as well as academic content to help you prep for the assessment. Also, continue to use the USA Test Prep to complete practice tests within our courses.

Study Guide

Shmoop Literature Guides

This site has helpful study guides for most of the reading selections listed above. Students can use Shmoop to better understand the reading selections. Students will be responsible for the actual text, but Shmoop can help with some explanations.


** A note about videos **

Please note that the videos given above are adaptations of the written works. Students will still be responsible for the actual text, as test questions come from the text, not the videos.

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Late Work & Due Dates

Technical difficulties are not an excuse for assignments to be late. Students must have

computer access to complete GaVS work. It is the student’s responsibility to secure

backup computer options when technical difficulties arise. Many public libraries offer

computers with internet access. Additionally, GaVS courses can be accessed on a variety

of mobile devices so it may be that a mobile device could be used to complete some

coursework when there are computer problems.

Please be aware of the pacing guide and due dates for all assignments. Student work is due bi-weekly on THURSDAYS at (11:59 pm) EST. Check course schedules for specific due dates. Work turned in after the deadline on the course schedule will be accepted within 3 school days following due date with a late penalty assessed.

Late penalty begins on Friday and is deducted at a rate of 10% of the assignment value per school day. Work submitted on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is considered 1 day late.

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Review Feedback Regularly

Be sure to review your quiz results and feedback regularly. Doing so will help you prepare for future assessments and exams. Use the graphic below as a guide.
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Use MLA Format for ALL Assignments

Understanding MLA guidelines is an important component of successful writing. Be sure to closely follow MLA guidelines for all assignments.

- ALL assignments must have an MLA formatted heading

- ALL writing assignments should conform to MLA formatting guidelines

- Refer to the following website for help with MLA formatting: http://mlahelp.weebly.com/

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Discussion Board Tips

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Contact Information

Instructor: Dr. Letitia N. Walker

Email: letitia.walker@gavirtualschool.org

Phone Number: (770) 913-6886

Office Hours: Phone Calls…Monday-Friday 5:30pm-8:30pm; Email Anytime.