The News Of The Gods

By:GriffinB and SeanC

The best facts of Jason

  • Jason father was a king, he was so weak Pelias took over

  • Pelias was an evil man

  • Jason came back to take the throne that Pelias stole from his father

  • Pelias told him to prove himself, he had to get the golden fleece

  • Harpies are winged creatures or demons that swoop down and steal your food or take people

  • Harpies attack Jason and the Argonauts

  • He battles a fire breathing bull

  • He has a wife names Medea

THe Exclusive interview of Jason

The interview

d25griffin1950:Jason so have you killed any monsters lately?

Jason:Yes I have killed many harpies and a gaint snake.

d25griffin1950:Is the golden fleece still in good condition?

Jason:Yes, it was held safely in good hands.

d25griffin1950:How is the kingdom?

Jason:It is a wonderful kingdom everyone is happy.

d25griffin1950:Have you met the certain someone?

Jason:Yes,Medea she is my beloved wife

d25griffin1950:Have any children?

Jason:Yes I have two Mermerus Pheres

d25griffin1950:Is the golden fleece comfortable?
Jason:Yes it is very comfortable.

d25griffin1950:Are you related to any gods?

Jason:Yes Hermes and Posiden

d25griffin1950:So Jason have you been on any more aventures

Jason:Yes I have been on 3 adventures

d25griffin1950:Have you been a king or prince your hole life?

Jason:Yes,my father was king then my cousin took over then I did

Jason and Ellen Degeneres

Some differences' between Jason and Ellen Degeneres

*Jason is the king of Culver city '

*Ellen Degeneres is a beloved host on T.V

*Jason has fought for a golden fleece

*Ellen Degeneres has given many gifts for charities

*Ellen Degeneres and Jason are both celebrities