Gamestar Mechanic

Glenn Wolfe- A real college student

Level 1

Not meant to be hard, but finishing is a bit tricky. Collect all the points, and reach the end. I wanted to start with something easy to build and play, and I believe I did just that.

Level 2

Gamestar Mechanic shouldn't be just for the boys. I have created a level with pink blocks, well cause pink is awesome. There are league chasers and snipers to be mindful of. Watch the league chasers and snipers fall and count up the points, not difficult but don't take your eye off the finish.

Level 3

Level 3 happens to be my favorite to play, it was also my favorite build. The Karakuri Chasers move randomly, they are also pretty quick so watch out. If the Karakuri weren't enough, I added some league snipers set at different speeds. Good luck and watch the time, don't just sit and wait.

Level 4

Much like level one, it doesn't appear to be difficult, but watch the height of your jumps. In order to create some more obstacles I added damage blocks. Oh, did I mention watch where you jump, you wouldn't want to land on the damage blocks.

Level 5

Almost there, League Chasers, League Snipers, Damage Blocks, oh and there is a time limit. The whole level is damage blocks, so don't ride the wall and watch your turns. Outwitting me will be no easy task. If, however you can beat all the levels, you can brag that you outwitted a real college student in Mr. Bowers night class.