Buenos Aires, Argentina

The best place for beautiful beaches and amazing culture!

Tasty Bites

Make your taste buds dance and try these Argentine favorites. In the afternoon when you feel like relaxing, go and enjoy some tea. Beef is eaten in almost every meal. They eat plenty types of Italian food such as pasta through out the day. A favorite dessert to eat is called Flan which is a type of creme caramel served on a plate. There is many delicious types of dishes you can try.

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Listen to the language of Buenos Aires. The main language spoken is Spanish. From being colonized by Spain, Spanish is spoken the most. Spanish in Spain is a tad different then the Spanish spoken in Argentina. It might be smart to learn a little bit of Spanish.

Weather and Climate

The weather is great to be in. Winter temperatures range from 42 degrees fahrenheit and 57 degrees fahrenheit and while in the summer it is 63 degrees fahrenheit to 85 degrees fahrenheit. In December, January, and February it's summer. Winter is from May to July. The climate is affected by the waves. Before you come to Buenos Aires check out the weather

Historical and Cultural Moments

Come learn about the history and cultural moments of Buenos Aires. The most taught religion is Roman Catholic. In 1580 Juan de Garay discovered Buenos Aires. Argentina was claimed by Spain on an Spanish Expedition. The British tried to take control of Buenos Aires but were defeated. There is much more to the history of Buenos Aires.

Glorious Landmarks

Buenos Aires has many landmarks to visit. Around the city you will find many broad avenues, parks, and plazas. Eduardo Generico created an unusual flower-shaped sculpture. The Torre Monumental is a clock tower constructed by the British. A wonderful church to give a try is The Caterdal Metropolitana Catholic Church

Exciting Activities

These are some of the best activities to do. You can go to a tango class and learn from the people who invented it themselves. You can also go hiking on the famous Mendoza mountain. After that you can relax at one the beautiful Atlantic beaches. Then you finish the day by watching a play at one of the many theaters. Come and try out some of these acticivites.

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