What is Forensic Psychology?

Do you want to be a Forensic Psychologist?

A forensic psychologist uses knowledge of the mind to develop a criminal profile.

Qualifications, compensations, and more.

To become a forensic psychologist you need to get your bachelors degree (4yrs), your masters degree (2yrs), and get either your PhD or PsyD (2-4yrs). You can see it takes a significant amount of time and schooling just to be able to practice. The median salary falls around 60k a year, but the upper 10% exceeds 100,000k a year.

Two of the top forensic psychology programs are held by University of Denver and Florida Institute of Technology.

University of Denver

We were rated the #1 school for Forensic Psychology in 2015. Our acceptance rate is 76.5% and we have a little under 12,000 people attending!