Tech It Out! #33

August 31, 2015 - Welcome Back!

Enhance Teaching. Empower Learning.

I hope you all had a wonderful, restful summer! I know I enjoyed the chance to "unplug" on my very first trip to Europe (pictures of Amsterdam, Paris, and Venice below!).
Once again, this year I will be sending you newsletters each Monday. The idea is to keep you updated on what is going on in the world of educational technology and hopefully to inspire you to try out one or two of the ideas I send your way.

Please don't feel obligated to explore every single thing in my newsletters, but if there is something that sparks your interest or you're interested in learning more about definitely let me know!

Institute Day Review

A brief reminder of what I talked about last Monday:

1. Students have access to email through their school Google accounts this year. They are able to email classmates and teachers only. All email communication with students should be done through their school email. If a student contacts you from a personal email, respond by asking them to email you from their school account.

2. When students need logins for online accounts, they should use Google usernames & passwords whenever possible. If they cannot use them for a particular account, please talk to me and we will decide on a solution.

Online Textbooks

I know I have spoken to a few curriculum departments already, but please let me know if there are issues with online textbooks. I want to solve any problems right away so students have access to the books they need.


Did you know Lincoln has close to 100 followers on Twitter? Parents and community members love taking a sneak peek into what's going on out our school! Last year we tweeted over 200 pictures and announcements showcasing the AWESOME things going on in each and every one of your classrooms. Check them all out here!

  • If you post your own classroom pictures to Twitter, remember to include the hashtag #D57Lincoln.
  • Remember to send me pictures, invite me when you're doing something cool, or I may just pop in to take a quick picture as I walk by. My goal is to have MORE tweets than last year so our community knows just how amazing you all are.

Google Classroom

Looking for a new way to engage your students? Google Classroom is a learning platform that allows you to assign/collect assignments and have classroom discussions. Although it's been around for a year, we weren't able to use it because our students are on a different domain than the staff ( versus However, Google made changes over the summer that now allows our students to join classes created by our teachers.

Next week's newsletter will be devoted to Google Classroom, but if you are interested in using it sooner get in touch with me!