South Lafourche JROTC

The best class you'll take in high school

Join the Tarpon Battalion

With all the in class and after school activities theres no reason not to love it. It really is one of the smartest high school courses you can take. JROTC teaches you the leadership that employers look for afte your high school years are over, and these traits you pick up stay with you throghout the rest of your life.

Practice is everyday after school from 2:30 -4:00

We practice for teaams like the Drill team, Regulation and Exhibition, Rifle team, and our 1st place in the parish Color Guard team.

We have two of the top instructors in the state

Guaranteed to Push your limits and make you a tougher individual

Frequently asked questions.

Do I have to join the military?

Do I have to join any teams?

Do I have to get a hair cut?

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