Meet the Teacher


Welcome Back CREW!

We are inviting students and parents/guardians to stop by campus for a brief visit to meet their teacher and find their classroom. It is an Open House event, so you are free to come by at any time during the event and do not have to stay the whole time.

In fact, we are asking for families to help us be mindful of the importance of social distancing to the extent possible.

Masks are recommended by the CDC and Local Health Agencies, but are not mandated.

Meet the Teacher

Wednesday, Aug. 4th, 11am-12:30pm

Sam Hughes Elementary

To further support mitigation efforts, we are suggesting the following schedule based on student last names:

11:00-11:45 Last Names A-L

11:45-12:30 Last Names M-Z

This will support our efforts to physically distance during this event!