Hillcrest Family Newsletter

Friday, May 25th


Hillcrest is the recipient of TWO Waukesha Education Foundation grants! On Thursday, two members of the WEF board came to Hillcrest to share the great news.

We have been granted $2,000 for the development of "MakerSpots" throughout our building. These MakerSpots would contain tools and materials for students to create and build models of their thinking. Specifically, the WEF grant allows us to purchase 3D printers, OSMO bots, Little Bits kits, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and more!

We were also granted $2,000 to build and supply raised garden beds. These garden beds will be tended by students and will be the perfect start to projects that support our science and social studies curriculums.

Special thank you to Mrs. Schultz, Ms. Price and Mrs. Way for writing and submitting WEF grants on behalf of Hillcrest. Our entire school will benefit from their work!

3rd Grade Economics Project

Starting on Tuesday, 3rd graders are going to be selling “Squishy Delights”. They are balloons filled with flour and decorated to be like stress balls. We are selling them to donate money for the Humane Society (HAWS) and to learn more about economics and money. We will sell them from May 29th - June 1st during lunch outside the gym. They cost 50 cents to $2 depending on how fancy they are. Come buy one, please and thank you! You will squeeze your stress away!

-Written by Abby G. in 3B

Dedication and Expertise at Hillcrest

In the last month, several of our Hillcrest Staff members have been recognized for their contributions to Hillcrest and the School District of Waukesha. If you see any of these individuals, be sure to thank them for their service:

Mr. Kevin Molloy - Head Day Custodian - 30 years of service

Mrs. Karen Burr - 3rd Grade Teacher - 25 years of service

Mrs. Julie Schiefelbein - Kindergarten Teacher - 20 years of service

Mrs. Amy Theime - Speech and Language Teacher - 20 years of service

Mrs. Cheryl Zettel - Special Education Assistant - 15 years of service

Mrs. Stacy Blank - Special Education Assistant - 10 years of service

Courtney Konieczka - Effectiveness Coach - 10 years of service

Mr. Jeff Kocovsky - 1st Grade Teacher - 10 years of service

Volunteer for GE Day - August 8th

On August 8th, we will have 90 GE volunteers come to Hillcrest to paint, rake, plant, build, and paint some more. This will result in an incredible transformation for our school. We are looking for any additional adult volunteers who would like to join us for this day. If you sign up now, you will get a free GE Day t-shirt and lunch will be provided for everyone! Please note, because of the amount of equipment and people who are present on that day, only adults over the age of 18 will be able to be on site for that day and everyone present must sign a waiver from GE. If you would like to join the fun, please sign up via this FORM.

Hillcrest Elementary School

At Hillcrest we take pride in our history, our inclusive community and our collective sense of wonder!

End of Year Dates

Please keep checking the family calendar on our website. There are many opportunities for students and families to celebrate this time of year!

*Memorial Day - Mon, May 28th - No School

*4K Urban Ecology Center Field Trip (12:45 pm-3:00 pm)

*Kindergarten Circus - Fri, Jun 1st - @ 1:00PM and 2:30PM - Families of kindergarteners are invited to attend

*5th Grade Discovery World Trip - Mon, Jun 4th - All Day for all 5th Grade classrooms

*3rd Grade Waukesha Walking Field Trip - Mon, Jun 4th - All Day for all 3rd Grade classrooms

*Culver's Night - Tues, June 5th @ 5:00PM

*5th Grade Completion Ceremony - Tues, June 5th from 6:00 - 8:00PM - Families of 5th Graders - tickets required for attending

*Olympic Day - Wed, June 6th - Grade 3-5 in AM, Grade 4K-2 in PM - Students participate in outdoor activities with their homerooms

*Family Picnic - Thur, June 7th - All families are welcome to join us outside, around the building, to eat lunch with your child

*Whole School Ice Cream Treat - Thur, June 7th @ 1:30PM - All students celebrate the end of the year with some ice cream fun

*4th vs 5th Grade Kickball Game - Thur, June 7th @ 2:00PM - All classes are welcome to attend if it fits with their afternoon activities

*Hillcrest last day traditions, Sing-a-long, 5th Grade Bell Ringing - Thur, June 7th @ 3:00 PM, all school sing-a-long - All 5th grade students ring the bell as they move on to middle school!