A Star-Crossed Lover

Act 1, Scene 2

When Paris requests to marry Juliet, Lord Capulet's daughter, Capulet wisely advises, "But woo her, gentle Paris, get her heart; My will to her consent is but a part." (1001, 16-17). Here Lord Capulet tells Paris that he can't force his daughter to love him. He lets Paris know that if he truly wants to marry Juliet, he will first win her heart. Capulet believed that it was important to for Juliet to only marry if that's what her heart desired.

The Value of True Love

People should Follow Their Hearts

Again and again the reader can see that in Romeo and Juliet, characters follow their hearts. When examining character relationships to Juliet this theme is especially relevant.

Romeo and Juliet Followed Their Hearts

These two teens are forever a great monument representing love and the courage it takes to follow your heart despite what those around you may say.