Nixon Elementary Weekly Update

October 12, 2020

A Few Reminders

Happy October Nixon Families,

If you are looking to change your child's learning environment, the deadline to make your request for a change is Monday October 12 (today!!!). All children will remain in their current learning environment until January if I am not contacted by 4pm on October 12. We will have our next opportunity to change learning environments in January--what you select now is what your child stays in until then. Just a note--the two choices for learning environments are either in person (Monday-Friday at Nixon) or remote (on a computer or iPad virtually Monday-Friday--3 hours of live teacher led sessions and up to 3 hours of independent practice time each day). The new placements will begin on October 19. If you are making a change, please keep your child attending their current learning environment until October 19.

Another reminder for families of our virtual learners. We currently have workbooks and writing paper for our K-2 learners, and mapping paper for our K-5 learners. If you have not already been up to the school to collect these items, please do so ASAP. You will need these tools for your child's online learning.

In addition, for any families who will be remote (continuing online or starting on October 19), we will have material pick up October 19-23 from 7:45-4:00 at Nixon. Our district is putting together packets, hard cover reading books, math materials, etc. that learners will need, so please come pick these items up at Nixon if your child will be online. If you cannot make it to school during the allotted times, please email me directly and we will schedule an alternate time.

For those children returning to learning in person, please remember send them back with all materials, school supplies, their computer/iPad, the charging cord for the device, and their headphones. These supplies will be kept at school for your child/children to use during in person learning.

One last reminder for our in person learners. I wanted to remind you that clean masks are mandatory at school every day for in person learners. If your child comes to school without a mask starting this week, you will receive a phone call from the classroom teacher with a reminder and your child will be given a disposable mask. After the first reminder, I will begin making parent contact and parents will be expected to come back to the school to drop a mask of for their child the morning they are called. We are coming to the end of our disposable mask supplies, and we need every family to send their children with clean masks every day.

As always, if you have any questions, please reach out via email or call our main office. Have a wonderful week.

Jeni Goebel, Principal

Nixon Elementary School

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