Temperate Hardwood Forest

Aeisha Rivera and Karlyana Melendez

Temperate Hardwood forest Intro

The Central U.S hardwood forest is the type of forest that their temperature changes throughout the seasons. Do not get confused with the word temperate because it changes.I know right I got confused too. These forest have reptiles, biotic plants, and biotic land animals and abiotic objects too.

Our Biotic factors

First let's start with the Apex predator that is also a consumer. It's a Bear. Next we have the other consumers. They are Raccoons, Lizards, Red jays, woodpeckers, butterflies, and some other reptiles like snakes, frogs, and some turtles. Now we have our decomposers there is not so much is just one animal and it's an insect. Did you guess what it is already? It's a fly they are decomposers. These are most of the biotic animals. We almost forgot one more thing the producers. For producers there are lady ferns, common limes, carpet moss, birch trees, oak trees, and the one with the longest name is deciduous trees. These are all the biotic factors.
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Our Abiotic Factors

What kind of soil is found throughout most of your ecosystem?

  • Xeric - dry soil

  • Mesic - moderately moist soil

  • Hydric - wet soil

If there are rocks, what are they made of? clay, granite, sandstone limestone?

In our ecosystem we do not have rocks cause we are in a forest.

What is the average high and low temperature for your ecosystem? (this could be the temperature of the air or the water)

It changes throughout the seasons

What kind of water does your ecosystem have?

Fresh? Salt?


Brackish(a mix of fresh and salt)?

Is the water free flowing, standing affected by tides, does it come from the rain or from the aquifer?


What is the average % humidity of the ecosystem?

60% to 80%

How does the wind and weather impact your ecosystem?

It can take down the trees in the forest by the wind and cause fire by lightning

How much sunlight does your ecosystem receive?

Well is in a forest and the trees cover the stuff it has under it

Where do nutrients come from in your ecosystem?

The trees create sugars in their leaves to create nutrients and food

The importance of the water in our Ecosystem

Water is important because first of all it hydrates our Ecosystem. It also gives the animals water and it makes nutrients flow around for the plants. Also it gives the trees and plants water. This is all because water is good for everything even you.
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Human impact on our ecoysystem

The most human impact is when people go camping in it because we built fires for camping and sometimes we don't turn tem of right. Also when we are camping we sometimes leave trash around and that can affect some animals by a lot. For example birds get stuck in the soda can plastics and might also choke in them. The other things are the hunters. They start hunting animals like deers or the bears and stuff like that.

Black Bears

Kingdom: Animal


Class: Mammalia


Infraclass: Eutheria


Suborder: Fissipedia

Family: Ursidae

SubFamily: Ursinae(all living bears except pandas and the spectacled bear)

Genus: Ursus


Species: Americanus