Number the Stars

By Lois Lowry


Number the stars is a novel by Lois Lowry. It is based on the events that happened in 1943 to a 10 year old girl named Annemarie Johansen.Her best friend Ellen is in danger from the Nazi army and Annemarie and her family try to keep Ellen and her family safe. When the Rosen family is just about to safety something goes not as planned and Annemarie has to go on a very dangerous mission to help them reach safety.

Main Characters

"GO. Go right now. And RUN! As fast as you can!"


I think a major theme in this book is friendship because Annemarie is always being a friend to Ellen even though her and her family could get in serious trouble for helping their friends, the Rosens. Annemarie risked her life for Ellen's safety and safe boat ride to Sweden. I am sure once the terrible war comes to an end older Ellen and Annemarie will reunite again and still be forever friends.