Spider bite

By Thomas.


Sam is 13, he is the oldest and he's afraid of heights.

Harry is 8, Sam calls him captain amazing and his twin brother is Jordan.

Jordan was bitten in the head by a funnel web spider a he just survived. His twin brother is Harry.

Main parts

The setting of the book.

In a park in the morning.

The plot of the book.

They get in the air balloon by accident.

Problems faced by the characters.

The spider wouldn't get off the radio.

Jordan got bitten.

The hole in the balloon.

Three main events.

They get over the highway.

Harry jumps out.

Jordan gets bitten.


They land the balloon and Jordan survives.

Theme, good parts, descriptive writing and recommendation.

Theme of the book.

To never give up and everything will be fine.

My favourite part

When they threw the metal tanks over the side.

Descriptive writing.

" A line of tall Norfolk Island pines grew along the southern end of the park."


I would recommend this to 7,8,9 and 10 year olds.