Local Farmers Market

Not only a market, but a tool for community sharing


Tuan Tran

BIS 300 Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Multimedia Project


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What came to mind when thinking about local farmers markets

Coming from Seattle it made sense to think about the Pike Place Market as a farmers market of all farmers market because of the history and sheer size of it. It has become a national symbol of Seattle and one of the must see tourist destinations when visiting Seattle. The market brings different cultures and culinary expertise and ingredients from local growers and also people who moved here.

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Local Farmers Market

Straying away from the Pike Place Market as an example I wanted to focus on more local community markets in the Seattle area, namely the West Seattle Farmers Market. By looking at a more community based market that is local it took away the most of the tourism that accompanies the Pike Place and gave me the experience of a neighborhood farmers market.

West Seattle Farmers Market

  • Started in 1999
  • Over 35 Washington State farmers and small food processors
  • Held every Sunday year-round from 10am-2pm
  • Fresh fruit from both sides of the state include berries, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apples, and melons.
  • Market tables are also loaded with local organic produce, all kinds of seasonal vegetables, fresh farm cheeses, herbs, mushrooms, free-range chicken and eggs, seafood, pastured organic beef, ciders, honey, preserves, fresh baked bread and pastries, cut flowers, and plant starts
  • Hosts live music and other events throughout the season

My experience

Going to the market was a unique and actually a first time experience for me. I've never been to a neighborhood farmer's market. Seeing people gather and come to the market talking, selling and buying I observed what was going on as i looked on. Drawing comparisons the neighborhood market is similar to Pike Place, but felt more of a gathering of the community and different resources that were local to the area. The food being sold is made from the surrounding area instead of being imported. People could by products that were grown and picked right here in our state that had prices similar to commercial markets or even less. The market is filled with products of vegetables and fruit that were fresh and had variety that came from the local farmers.

Why is it better to buy local

  • Enables you to purchase fresh fruit, veggies, and products made by local farmers
  • Purchasing food that is not being trucked in from far places;less carbon footprint
  • Supporting farmers that face many challenges; owning land, competing with larger farmers, receiving fair compensation for their products

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Changing the Food Wheel

By changing how we consume through our purchasing habits of food is important to changing the food cycle. By choosing to buy food from the market we are buying into a system where the food may be shipped from far away or farmers are not being compensated fairly. Going to the local farmers market supports locally grown food and is going directly towards the farmers, which makes it less susceptible to unfair compensation.

It is a matter of choice and some argue that it does not make a difference in buying locally in terms of price, energy taken to produce and ship. However, there is an impact in buying locally and supports a sustainable practice that gives back to the local economy and the farmers who live in the same area as us.

What impact does it have on the community

I found this video that was created for Tacoma in looking at how they could bring healthy local eating to the community. Creating a system that made local food accessible is an important step in changing a community's eating and purchasing habits.
Healthy, Local, Fresh: Farmers Markets & Community Wellness

My take away from this experience

My experience from learning about this topic is how local farm markets can impact a community in multiple ways. The main impact is the ability to purchase locally grown produce and products that are being produced in our own state. Looking at it from the economical side it provides a system where the farmers are being compensated correctly for their products because of the direct business approach. By creating a community of relationships between the people who grow and sell to the people who buy the products it creates a system in which we can support the local economy. Farmers markets are a type of medium that can be used to build communities to come together and not only bring local food to your fridge, but to provide a place where people can be aware of what they are buying and the impact it has on a local level.

What can you do?

  • Learn about local farmers markets in your area and visit one
  • Look at more sustainable ways of purchasing and consuming food
  • Spread the word to others who don't know how local farmers markets can be beneficial
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