Pearl Road PBIS Family Newsletter

May 2021

It is hard to believe that in just 15 short days another school year will come to a close!

It certainly was not a "normal" year by any means; our children will likely read about this pandemic in their history books someday. Remote learning, masks, and social distancing became new norms for everyone. Teachers hearts' ached for their students when they could not be with them in person. Students missed their friends, their teachers, and learning at school. Families struggled to help their children learn at home. So very many were affected by COVID-19, whether directly, through the loss of a family member or friend, financial changes..the list goes on. It was hard for most everyone. BUT... we have (nearly!) made it out on the other side, stronger than before. Pearl Road Elementary is a family, and we stick together through the great times, and the not so great times.

To our wonderful parents and guardians: We could not have made it through this school without all of the hard work you had to put in on your end! Between jobs, family, life, AND helping your child adjust to learning in new formats... we know that was not an easy thing to manage. Thank you for helping us teach your children and give them the best education possible.

To our amazing students: We are SO proud of you! You have learned so much this year. Change can be hard, but watching how well you adapted to new learning environments was just awesome! Seeing the smiles on your faces gave your teachers more smiles than you know :) We hope you remember all the good times from this school year- the new friends you made, the laughs you had, and all the fun things your teacher did to help you learn.

Let this summer be a time to relax, unwind, and enjoy time with your family. YOU DESERVE IT!


Ms. Kaylee Yakovich

Family Liaison

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Upcoming Dates to Remember

May 10-21- MAP Testing

May 12- Public Participation Meeting (

May 28- Last day of school; Quarter 4 report cards will be mailed home

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Counselor's Corner with Ms. Durica

The Counselor's Corner Website

Resources for families and teachers can be found on my school counseling website:

This month we talked about the Zones of Regulation and identifying the blue and red zones. Students played a game to help them practice identifying what zone they are in. For more practice click here:

Zones of Regulation Activities:

How to Create a Zones Check-In at Home:

Small Groups:

During my Zones small groups, we have been working on the following: talking about what zone we are in, identifying the different zones (green, blue, red, yellow), learning about calming strategies and positive-self talk.

Individual Counseling

If you are interested in scheduling brief individual counseling sessions with the school counselor please feel free to reach out via email (, dojo or phone (216.633.3603). Typically, I meet with students for about 5 sessions and support them in the following areas- social skills, study skills, self-regulation, coping skills, self-management skills, supporting students experiencing family changes and grief and loss etc.

Mindfulness Apps:

1. Smiling Mind This app has SO many functions - it has tons of different “programs” you can go through that each have a lot of content. The content includes instructional animated videos, as well as guided meditations and interactive meditations. It is a great one stop shop for all things mindfulness. Another thing I like about it is that before you begin a meditation, it asks you a few questions to help you “check in” and be aware of how you are feeling. This app gets bonus points because it is an Australian app, and all of the voices on the app are in an Australian accent, which is SUPERsoothing!

2. Stop, Breathe & Think Kids This app has over 20 different free “missions.” Each mission is a guided meditation to help students achieve a certain goal. I love that they are called missions - what kid doesn’t want to go on a mission?? This app also asks students to identify how they are feeling, which is a great way to help students boost their emotional vocabulary and get in touch with their feelings.

3. Breathe, Think, Do With Sesame Street This is such a simple app that kids will love. The monster in the app gets upset over various things (that kids can relate to!) and the kids will help him calm down through deep breathing and problem solving. As the monster is breathing, the kids get to “pop” the bubbles on the screen - which is a big hit for the kids! This app has pretty limited options, but is great for young kids who are learning the basics of managing their emotions!

4. Super Stretch Yoga This app shows children different yoga poses they can do to help feel calm and focused. I love that the app shows real children doing the poses. The videos are also short and simple, which keep the children from losing focus. The only thing I don’t love about this app is that the narrator speaks in a rushed, energetic voice which isn’t super relaxing, but this app is still a great way to introduce your students to basic yoga poses!

5. Calming Bottle We’ve all seen those super cute calming bottles on Pinterest. They are great, but sometimes we simply don’t have the time (or energy - let’s be real) to make them. Even if you have made some of these bottles, chances are that you don’t carry them around with you everywhere you go. Enter Calming Bottle. It is pretty much the exact same thing as a glitter calming bottle, only in digital form. Students will watch as the glitter calms and falls to the bottom of the screen. I love that the colors can be adjusted, as can the length of time it will take for the glitter to settle. This is a great way to get students focused, especially if you can tell that they are on the edge of a breakdown, and need a little support before they completely lose their cool.

Ms. Durica can be contacted on Class Dojo, by phone (216) 633-3603, and by email at (

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Fun Summer Ideas! (Click Links Below)

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