A guide to the World's Third Largest Religion

Birthplace of Religion

From approximately 2300 BCE, this religion has been located around the Indus River Valley. Although there are many Hindus worldwide, many still live and reside in India. Some elements even date back to the first days of religion, making Hinduism the "Oldest Living Religion in the World."

Original Founder

There is no one founder of Hinduism. Hinduism began as a civilization, and later flourished into a great World Religion. However, Hindus believe that since Brahma created Vedas, the books of Hinduism, that he himself created the religion, and he updates the information by reincarnating himself on Earth.

The Gods and Goddesses

Tanah Lot - a Hindu Place of Worship

Tanah Lot is a famous temple located on the south-western coast of Bali. It is one of seven in the chain of temples, all visible from one another. It is the most famous Hindu temple in Bali, and it is one of the more-visited attractions. Some even believe that the island it is situated on has been cursed.
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Diwali - The Festival of Lights

Celebrated in Autumn, the Diwali festival is a time of happiness and courage. It honours the victory of good over evil, and inner light over spiritual darkness. It is a five-day festival that many people celebrate. During that time, people connect with large feasts and many traditional desserts. Diwali is a beautiful festival that is honoured by many.

Main Message of Hinduism


Karma is the belief of cause and effect. Hindus believe that if you do something wrong or unholy, you will be punished by a force of nature for your actions. But, if you do something good, you will be rewarded with good things.


Reincarnation is when, after death, the soul is put into a new body. People believe that this cycle with continue until all karma has been resolved. Once you balance out the good with the bad in your lifetime, your soul will be put to rest, but if you don't, then your soul will find another body to continue the life you have previously lived.


Hindus believe that you should balance out your life, and bring good things to the people around you. Everything these people do counteract with their religion. Hindus feel that all life is precious, and you should never tarnish the value of it.

Vocab Words

Puja- performed every morning before eating, Puja is a prayer that is said as soon as one wakes, to show loyalty to the god of their choosing.

Ayurveda- an ancient method of healing/form of medicine.

Sadhu- The "Holy Man", symbolizes a god on earth.

Atman- a soul, a person's "real self."