Salem Witch Trials

Mie Vognsen


The Puritans roots are found back ad the English Reformation, witch took place in the 16th-century. The Puritans was a religious group, that flet from England to Massachusetts, where they settled as a colony.

they escaped from England to escape religious persecution. And they wanted to get away from the english church.

The Puritans wanted to create a new society, who lived after the principles of the bible. They wanted to have the state and the church to be the same thing. They believed that we all were born sinful and corrupt. And you were either born to go to heaven or born to go to hell.

Women were expected to stay silent, and they had bigger chance to make contact with the devil, because they were not allowed to join the ministors and that sort of things, so they were more likely to preach for the devil. But the chance was also bigger because they was interested in the sexual relation with the devil, and it was just a part of their nature

What happened and what caused the witchhunts in Salem

The witchhunt started in salem Massachussets in reverend Samuel Paris' kitchen. His daughter and niece were left in the care of Tituba, who talk about her childhood to the to children. She also told tales witch contained magic. In the vinter Tituba started to show the children woddoo, they girls knew it was wrong, but they keep it a secret. Suddenly there were more young girls listing to Titubas stories, and the suddenly started to act strange, some experienced trance-siturations, some began to cut themselves with knifes and some were trying to commit suicide, and they were covering theirs ears when the ministor was talking in church.

All the girls were exsamed by the town doctor, but he couldn't find anything, that could explain theirs strange behaviour. So he assumed, that the reason was spirtual, and people in town started to question the girls, to find the witch behind it. And at last two of the girls acussed Tituba. Then the girls began to accuse women from the town for being witches. And then the trial began, and if you didn't admit to be using witchcraft you would be executed.

More than one hundred people was arrested.

Bridget Bishop was the first person to be executed for witchcraft.

The girls who accused the people, they were safe for being acused. And one of the girls had a motive to revenge something. The ministores benefitted from the witchcraft in the way that they had power.