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January 2019

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Principle # 5: Transforming Negativity in the New Year

Greetings Energy Bus Riders, Welcome to Chapter 2019!

Each New Year brings new possibilities and opportunities. We return back to work and school with a renewed sense of purpose, embracing these exciting ventures as we set goals in hopes of them being realized .

Creating a positive vision and setting goals to support the outcome can be easy for many of us, but being consistent in taking the necessary steps to make our dreams a reality can be challenging as we set out to break old thinking habits, and replace them thoughts that incite different behaviors . How can we ensure that we are moving forward in a positive direction and not falling back to an old mindset of complacency and fear?

It all begins with having a mindset of taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, actions, and results - in other words, knowing that You are The Driver of Your Bus.

The Energy Bus principle we will explore this month is Transforming Negativity. Transforming negativity is having the ability to look beyond our challenges and see the amazing possibilities. This principle will help us as we become our best personal coach, learning to give new meaning to new and sometimes old events that we encounter on our journey.

We all enter this world with our own perceptions of the world- our beliefs of what is right and what is wrong, but what if you were able to look at the events that take place in your life from a different point of view? Reframing and looking at them through different lens.

For so many years of our lives we have been programmed to think, act, and believe a certain way. When I talk about programming, I’m talking about those thoughts, ideas, and behaviors that are passed down from generation to generation with no question of why we do these things or how these behaviors impact others.

In order to transform negativity, you must first be ready to sit in the drivers seat and own the ride. Not only do you get to steer your bus in your desired direction but you also have the responsibility of deciding whether you’ll have a positive ride or a negative ride. For instance, let’s say you’ve been failing in one of your classes. No matter how hard you study, you seem to get a poor grade on each assignment. You have at least two choices:

· You can get down on yourself and fill your head with negative self-talk such as “I’ll never do well in this class” or “I’m such a failure!”


· You can look for opportunities to get better and to seek out a learning style that will support you in your efforts, such as meeting with your teacher or another student who is performing well to talk about some of the challenges and seek feedback.

Transforming negativity is not always easy, as many of us have already formed habits that are reactive and sometimes highly negative.

When transforming negativity ask yourself 5 Questions:

What is the problem?

Is it true?

Is this a big problem or a little problem?

What can I learn?

What can I do next time to get different results.

Staying in the driver's seat and being aware that there will be a few bumps in the road BUT you can assign meaning to these bumps and determine if they are “little bumps” or “big bumps." As the driver, you CHOOSE the kind of ride you’re going to have!

Let’s make 2019 the best year ever and continue to spread love and joy, as we transform negativity in our lives and in our schools.

Sending lots of positive energy your way,

Niki Spears,


The Energy Bus for Schools Leadership Journey

Students From Clifdale Elementary Share 10 Tips to Transforming Negativity
10 Ways to Transform Negativity Video is located on YouTube at

10 Ways to Transform Negativity!

Tip #10: You Can’t Control What Happens to you BUT you can have a Good Attitude About It. Think of the equation that JOY introduces to George

E(Event) + P(Perception) = O(Outcome) – you may not be able to control the events in your life, but you change your perception, which could ultimately change the outcome.

Tip #9: No Complaining! Imagine the tires of your Bus spinning in the mud, stuck, going nowhere! That’s what happens when we blame others or events in our lives for the things that we don’t like. Complaining gets you nowhere, taking 100% responsibility helps YOU take your ride wherever you want it to go!

Tip #8: See every challenge as an opportunity to get better, to learn something new!

Tip #7: Show love and kindness. Research says that kindness releases feel-good hormones and eases anxiety! Try a little kindness it’s good for your health!

Tip #6: Have an attitude of gratitude. When you are grateful for the small things happening in your life, you are naturally inviting more positive things to flow in your life. You get more of what you focus on!

Tip #5 Instead of saying I HAVE to … SAY I GET to…

Again having an attitude of gratitude will transform the simple things we do into the awesome opportunities we get to create.

Tip #4 SMILE! Not only does it fuel your ride but it also fuels the rides of others!

Tip #3 Talk to Yourself, Become your BEST Coach! Instead of saying – I’ll never be able to accomplish that instead say – I am Awesome! I’m the BEST! I ROCK!!

Tip #2 Take Time to Fuel Your Own Ride with Positive Energy. Make sure you’re taking care of yourself, eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise, and inviting positive things/people into your life. If you’re going to fuel others rides, you must make sure you have a full tank of positive energy.

Tip #1 When you perceive something as negative. Stop and think –

Is it true?

What can I learn?

What can I do next time to get different results.

Staying in the Driver’s Seat and having an awareness that there will be bumps in the road along your journey will help you as you assign these rocks as “little bumps” or “big bumps” – as the driver, you CHOOSE the kind of ride you’re going to have!

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What's Your #OneWord for 2019?

Each year Jon encourages us to come up with a #oneword that will guide our purpose for the New Year. Instead of creating endless goals and resolutions, we select one word that will be our driving force for the year. No goals. No wish lists. Just one word. Best of all… anyone, anytime can discover their word for the year. Simply think of a word that will help you remember your purpose and will fuel your ride when you are faced with challenges.

Once you have discovered your #oneword, feel free to use the license plate (attached to this newsletter) to write your word as a reminder of your purpose this year. You can also have your students and families come up with a #oneword for 2019!

Join Our Virtual Energy Bus Book Study Facilitated by Niki Spears

Looking for ways to dive deeper into the principles from The Energy Bus? You and your teams are invited to join Niki Spears as she facilitates a year-long book study. Niki will facilitate discussions and have LIVE sessions where participants can share their experiences and ideas with others. You can join on Facebook at

For more information see flyer below.

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Virtual Book Study Flyer

#OneWord License Plate Template

Create a Positive Vision