Sweatshops of Reebok

By.Tyler Wilkinson

Reebok in China

In China people are forced to work up to 72 hours a week. They are demanding to stay if their will be better working conditions and higher pay!

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Working Conditions

In Indonesia their was found that reebok and Nike sweatshops had horrible conditions like verbal and physical abuse, sexual harassment, forced overtime, and some Deaths!!

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Reebok products

They made shoes, clothes. They really didn't make a variety but a lot of these 2 items like different colors and stuff.

World wide sweatshops

look at these ages these kids has to work. Some are in the USA
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in 1996 adidas was very embarrassed wen a us magazine photograph that it had a picture of a young boy sewing a Nike football. This was really bad because it showed sweatshops and child labor.

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Industrial Revolution affects

Government takes the owners use safe equipment. Another ones is health benefits because if you get hurt you can take some dayz off.


The solution they had where they should start trading more.


I learned that little kids has to do some work of clothes that I wear. that is really bad and it makes me not to by their product anymore.