8.1 Presentation

Alyssa, Michael, and Karsten

Element of Creativity in Advertising

Connection with Target Audience- offer worthy content to get the audiences attention. Provide the information that a costumers needs to make the buying decision.

Element of Unexpectedness- unusual and different techniques will catch the audiences attention.

Use of Mischief- is the use of bad scenarios to get the point across. EX: Troublemakers and rebels are often used in advertisements.

Providing Images- the use of visual demonstration will make the ad more memorable.

Storytelling- is using a real life story to help promote the product/service.

Building Momentum- is measured by the buzz generated by consumers. The advertisement is trying to get people to talk about the product.

Synergy from Teams

For a campaign to be successful there must be members who have different areas of expertise.

A creative brief is what the campaign must accomplish or a description of what the objective is for campaign.

Synergy is the sum of the results produced by a team. The idea of synergy is that everyone will have their individual assignment but in the end it must come all together to be successful.

Brainstorming is generating large amounts of ideas in a group setting. Teams will do this to create ideas to help achieve objectives.

Desired results of an Advertising Campaign

Build Brand Awareness- use forms of promotion to make more costumers are aware of the product.

Communicate Product Benefits- provide information that explains the benefits obtained from purchasing the product.

Encourage Trial Purchases- campaigns motivating costumers to try the product by sales promotion.

Create, change, or reinforce consumers attitudes about the brand- trying to convince consumers that their brand is superior than other brands and/or persuading consumers to switch brands.

Attain Brand Loyalty- making sure costumers become loyal to their brand.