How to Control Your Inner "Insane"

Ways that You Can Raise Your Self-Control

Negative Effects of Self-Control

Wether it be children, adolescence, or possibly adults, self-control is a key attribute everyone should have in the workplace. If you don't have a stable level of self-control, people may be easily annoyed at you and may not want to work with you. People with autism or other mental disabilities may not be able to control themselves, but people still work with them to try to contain that sudden urge.

Some Places/People That May Help You Have Better Self Control


School (Talking to Teachers/Staff Members)

A Family Member's House (Grandparents, Parents, Older Siblings, etc.)

Strict Chastisement

If children never learn to use their self-control and annoy people and be obnoxious, they will recieve strict chastisement.