Engineering Teachers, Postsecondary

by Miles Mendiola

Engineering Teacher, Postsecondary

I teach graduates about the principles and uses of engineering. I must have a Masters, but for most colleges you must have a Ph.D. I make an average of $122,800 per year and my demand is 11%.

Colleges I have selected to research

Grand Valley State University

The estimated in state cost on campus is $21,562 and the estimated cost for out of state tuition is $26,218.

The average financial aid given to a student is $10,569. The outside scholarships include: ASHRAE Undergraduate Scholarship and AACHEN International Competitive Scholarship. The in school scholarships include: GVSU First Robotics and General Dynamics Land Systems. The grants include: Federal Pell Grant and National SMART Grant. The predicted cost for four years is $86,248.

Extra info

Stem career: the most dense states of engineering teachers, postsecondary are Texas, California and New York.


Devry : 27% Black, 3% Asian , 22% Hispanic, 1% non-resident alien,13% unknown, 33% White.

Grand Valley State: 83% White, 1% non-resident alien, 3% two races, 5% Black, 2% Asian, 5% Latino.

Birmingham southern college: 78% White, 4% non-resident alien, 11% Black, 1% American indian, 3% Asian, 2% Hispanic.